Anyone hear yet for Fall 2015?

Wondering if anyone got a phone call, email, or change in application status?

Changes in application status have been happening this week.

Son’s just changed to final review phase decision coming in days…Ugh

My D’s as well. to this: “We are in the final stages of review of your application and an admission decision will be posted here in the coming days.”

Just got wait listed for Penn State

My son is wait listed as well. I wonder how many they typically wait list?

How were you advised that you were on the wait list?

On my portal it states that I’m wait listed

Thanks. Ours just says a decision will be posted in a few days.

D’s says same. Changed to “we are in final …” Hopefully good news for all still waiting today!

Crickets over here…anyone?

Chirp, chirp… unfortunately. I’m guessing tomorrow is the day. But who knows?

I wouldn’t give up yet…it really did seem earlier notifications came end of day in to early evening. Fingers crossed for everyone…

My S got a yes on the Portal!

Congrats MtDad. My S did too! Yay

Think I was supposed to post here instead of the other thread… D got yes yesterday as well!

Does anyone recall from the Q&A session at Penn State if Cary mentioned how many they typically put on the wait list?

I don’t think he ever mentioned an exact number. It can’t be as big as the admit list, which is itself pretty small, so I’m guessing a place on this list is a pretty big deal. I also would assume that a number of kids get in off of it after the UMICH and CMU acceptances get posted.

Wow. I just went on Penn State’s Admitted for 2019 Musical Theatre Facebook page, and I count 24 students!! I heard that they might possibly be overbooking, but 24?!! My heart really sank with that, as I thought the wait list was a pretty good place to be.

Okay, I might have jumped the gun on this. Apparently some of the people who joined that site are current students who are on there just for support. Man, I’ve got to stop trolling these sites looking for crumbs.