Anyone heard from U of Wash Seattle and UCSD?

<p>Hi everyone--</p>

<p>I know I posted more or less an identical version of this text but for MIT, and I'm at it yet again. I'm still waiting to hear anything from UCSD and U of Wash biology phd programs...has anyone else heard anything? They're both huge longshots for me, but I figured I'd try anyway. If you've heard, what were you stats? frankly, I think my GPA (3.3) destroyed my application (otherwise 4 years research, 1 paper published, 1 manuscript, GRE 640V 800Q, recs from PI, academic adviser, and senior thesis adviser). Thanks!</p>

<p>The interview for UCSD Biology was last Tuesday, and UW Seattle's interview is in 2 days.</p>

<p>Sorry :-(</p>

<p>Your recs seem impressive, I'm surprised you didn't get the interviews!</p>

<p>Ack! that's depressing. Alright, well thanks for the news at least!</p>

<p>Hi ndufour!</p>

<p>I have my UW Seattle interview in 2 weeks for immunology - their "primary recruiting session" was going to be next weekend, but they are letting me come visit the weekend after because of scheduling conflicts with another school. Also, I just read about someone on the forum who just got invited to Weill Cornell, and that's in less than a week!</p>

<p>Also, my credentials are about the same as yours. GPA is 3.35 from a state university, I have few below B grades in physics and organic chemistry as well. I have 1 published paper and 1 submitted manuscript with me as the second author, and have just a little under 4 years of research experience so far - and that's including my senior year thesis. My GRE score is lower than yours, V620 and Q720. My recs were from my current PI and postdoc, and my undergrad thesis advisor... I am too surprised that you did not get invited yet!</p>

<p>Best of luck, ndufour! :)</p>