Anyone heard of lojack for laptops

<p>They sell it at the Apple Store. Not sure how it would help if a laptop is stolen</p>

<p>Wow lazy much lol? Could of just googled it. It's a small radio transmitter that basically tells where your laptop is after it is stolen.</p>

<p>yup. It's like a anti-car jacking device except for laptops. A small GPS in the laptop which the lo-jack police can track.</p>

<p>Let</a> me google that for you</p>

<p>I should have been more specific--I meant has anyone actually used it successfully to get their laptop back? I have this gut feeling that even if the software works, it depends on a very responsive police action, which may not ever happen.</p>

<p>lo-jack appears to be software based and the first thing I would do upon stealing a computer is completely format the hard drive and install a new OS so... I don't really see it working. yeah.</p>

<p>can't you just glue a gps transmitter by yourself in your laptop case and put a receiver in your cell phone or something? it's not going to be able to differentiate between dorm rooms or something but if the guy ever takes it outside you can find him easily</p>

<p>I use Prey, it's the same idea but it's free. Not quite as good, but free.</p>

<p>You can usually password protect the BIOS so that the hard drive cannot be reformatted, not without going through Windows (or the Mac OS) anyway.</p>

<p>I considered getting LoJack for my daughter until I found a number of reports that linked holes created in one's bios by the LoJack software that allowed malicious hackers in to your computer. I think I will now be going with a general laptop insurance policy that covers accidental damage, theft and fire.</p>

<p>bought the ilaptop nsurance, after S got laptop stolen on the last day of school. He also got mobile me which has some kind of tracking stuff</p>