Anyone here applied to Fordham online MSW for Spring 2022?

Good morning.

I am having trouble finding discussions for this anywhere. I just wanted to know if they are sending out decisions already.


I just got an email this morning that I was admitted! Very happy, but financial aid is a separate email and I haven’t gotten it yet, so I don’t know if I can really afford to attend. Worth a shot.

Congrats on the acceptance. I am still waiting, but my application is not complete now, after it already was. So I am likely going to have a longer wait.

Do you mind sharing your GPA and your general work experience?

I am hoping my work experience helps me with my overall 3.25 undergrad GPA. My GPA in my last 60 credits have been 3.75. But I don’t think Fordham looks at a student’s last 60.

Thank you! I had a 3.8 GPA in college from a selective university (albeit in an unrelated field). I am in the film/TV industry right now working full time and most of my internships in college were related to that, but I had a compelling personal statement and did join some mental health advocacy groups in college. I’m hoping they notice your awesome upward trend and take that into account! And I think they’ll probably like that you have work experience since it’s clear that you’re making a decision to go back to school, rather than just doing it because graduate school is “the next thing to do”. I did get a scholarship and I’m deciding whether to take out some loans to go here… It’s not the cheapest, but being able to keep my full time job during the day is HUGE and may offset the costs of going to a less expensive full-time program.