Anyone here applying to DS?

<p>I got a brochure with an application form a week or two ago, and as interesting the school seems, I don't know if I'd be able to handle two years in the desert with just a few dozen guys if I do get accepted. Also the essays look pretty lengthy. So, what is everyone else thinking?</p>

<p>It's not for everyone, as elucidated by most prospects and the college itself. And hey, what's two years in the dessert for an education of a lifetime?! The college's reputation alone serves a great reason to pursue education in a very unconventionally exceptional atmosphere.</p>

<p>I'm definitely thinking about finishing my essays. Lol. The singly thought of the essays give me a headache, possibly a migraine when working on it. (Ha ha) </p>

<p>It's October 31st and I need to have it shipped at least by Wednesday to make sure it gets there on time. As a matter of fact, I won't be attending 3 days of classes just to work on it. Accepted or not, nothing to lose but a chance to be academically-refined. Now that's something! </p>

<p>How are you doing by the way?</p>

<p>PS: I was happy someone, after months, posted on here. I actually made an account just yesterday for this and not more than a few college forums (to inquire likewise).</p>

<p>Good day!</p>

<p>lol I havent even started those essays yet, but since theres no app fee, I figured I'd try to get them all done over the next weekend, along with talking to my counselor to see what he thinks of the school. btw the app form says that everything should be postmarked no later than 11/15, so as long as the post office gets it by then, shouldnt it not matter when DSC gets it? Anyways, good luck on your essays.</p>

<p>I'm afraid your application form is outdated. They changed the deadline to November 7th (Postmarked) and the second essay's motif. You definitely should start with your application ASAP. Lol.</p>

<p>You can check their website at Deep</a> Springs College for more information.</p>

<p>And yes, it doesn't necessarily mean they should get it by the deadline (being in the middle nowhere lol) but I'd suggest you have it sent by November 2, tops.</p>