Anyone here been bullied?

<p>I was reading the stories on this</a> website.
Some of them are really funny, but some just make me lose all faith in humanity.</p>

<p>awe that was cute
don't know if that was really bullying though</p>

<p>not really in HS but some in elementary (I think I was just odd then) and in middleschool because I thought hanging around goth/emo kids would be fun (I mean, the emo artsy kid is always the nicest in teen movies). They were kinda mean actually, I guess because I didn't like eyeliner (it really hurt my eyes) and I didn't keep up with all the band names, also hot topic kinda freaked me out. So they probably figured I was a loser and I didn't quite fit in with the jocky girls, but the slutty girls were really nice.</p>

<p>And then I went to a different HS then everyone and I got along with everyone there so I'm good. I think all you need is 2 really, really good friends to survive anything and I have that so it's all cool.</p>

<p>No...but i was kind of being bullied and harassed but during my freshman year when i didn't know anything and was new to the state a couple of girls were pretty mean to me. Looking back on it they're losers and I was happy that at least I called one of them a ***** in front of the entire class and made her look stupid and embarrassed at the end of the year...</p>

<p>I still hold grudges against them to this day. I like REALLY, REALLY hate them SO MUCH. If had the chance to I would SPIT on their faces or punch them (i'm serious). This year I embarrassed one of them HA! Felt really good. Then this year they decide to add me on facebook??! hahha...I accepted them then DELETED THEM after a while :D They're just stupid ugly *****es anyway so I think I'm wasting my energy on hating them.</p>

<p>I can't seem to let go of the grudge :( I'm a very angry person :( Once I was so close to telling one of them to SHUT THE **** UP YOU STUPID **<strong><em>ES in front of my math class because just hearing them talk was annoying the *</em></strong> out of me!!!m (this year..towards the end of the year). But i managed to control myself.</p>

<p>Freshman and sophomore year I was sexually harassed by a junior guy "friend" of mine, and then his girlfriend and her friends started teasing and insulting me.</p>

<p>Nope. Not that I can recall.</p>

<p>Sophomore year, I enrolled in honors/AP classes, leaving P.E. as the only class in which I'd have contact with slackers. I wouldn't go so far as to say bullied, but a certain group of girls patronized me whenever I was alone and slouching (which was about half of the time during P.E.); they pity-clapped when we played sports and would not stop with the "why are you so quiet?/you should smile more/etc". They were like mosquitoes. I could never tell if they meant to treat me like an idiot or if they thought they were being nice to me or something.</p>

<p>^^^Oh my gawd, I'm so bitter.</p>

<p>^ you should have told them to shut the **** up and it's non of their moth****ing business and tell them to stick something up their asses & go find someone else to bother!!!</p>

<p>I forgot to also add that at in the middle of the year this one guy kept on harassing me during lunch. It was very, very irritating...actually he is notorious for being the class clown and annoying. He annoyed the hell out of everyone but apparently he was annoying me the most that month!!! He kept on asking me stupid and offense questions, stupid questions like if i rode camels and wore turbans. But the worst thing was that he kept on annoying me during lunch!! he would always call out my name or say something embarrassing in front of large groups of people...where everyone could hear him. The last straw came when he threw a piece of food at me!!! (i started crying) My french teacher had noticed that he was being extremely irritating so she made me complain to the principle so he could stop harassing me and everyone else.
He was the most annoying piece of **** Ive ever had to deal with in my life.
What was weird was that everyone kept on saying that it was being he had a crush on me..but seriously to go through all that trouble and act immature...?</p>

<p>Now we're cool and he doesn't bother me anymore.</p>

<p>Nope, not to my face, at least. </p>

<p>OH WAIT, I was walking up to the board in spanish class, and they're all like "hahahaha she looks stupid". But they were all freshmen who thought it was too cool to participate in class. That's why they FAILED SPANISH I and I got a 97 w/o studying at all. JAJAJAJA!</p>

<p>EDIT: And in 6th grade someone made me cry because of the same reason above. He was quite the ******.</p>

<p>also, when I was in orchestra in 6th grade, two of the other violists would constantly hit me with their bows...haha I quit orchestra after 6th grade cuz of that</p>

<p>when i was in kindergarden, and the kids at my school have never saw an asian before (i went to a private prep school in northern chicago, no diversity what so ever). They only saw asians in movies and asked me stereotypical questions like: Can you do kung fu?, Are your parents' ninjas?. Stuff like that. There was this one </p>

<p>Nope. As so far, none has been courageous enough to confront me.</p>

<p>i bully my friends. i'm one of the more ferocious people i know.</p>

<p>Junior High only. Mainly because I didn't do anything about it because I didn't really care. Not going to happen again, though.</p>

<p>I mess with my best friend, but I know when to stop. There is fine line between silly joking & hurting someone's feelings.</p>

<p>I love that boy</p>

Uhg, I get so annoyed by people who don't know when to stop joking. A month ago, I bought 28 books for $1 each and my friend wouldn't let me leave the sight of the sale, because he stole some of my books and hid them, and I couldn't leave my bag because he'd steal the others. He delayed me for over an hour.</p>

<p>^I can see how that would **** you off. Over an hour wasted on your friend's immaturity. I know what is too much, because I see some friends of mine go too far and it has pretty much shown me what I do NOT want to do.</p>

<p>In 7th grade, I wanted to be punk reallyreallyreally bad. Which was hilarious because I was also an overachieving goody two-shoes band geek. Some girls decided to push me around incessantly because I was a "poser" for claiming to like bands when I actually only liked one or two songs by them (Unforgivable, right? Totally their issue to deal with as the bands' great defenders against 12-year-olds wanting to fit in?). Being young and stupid, I made it worse instead of better by spreading (trying to spread) rumors about them (which NOBODY believed anyway) and the whole session culminated with me almost getting beat up, but fortunately having enough smarts left to run like hell. (Of course, I had no dignity left to save at that point anyway.) That was like two days before the school year ended, and the next year, they pretty much forgot about everything and left me alone.</p>

<p>I'm older and wiser now. I've abandoned punk for this kind of intellectual-cowgirl-hippie-Gypsy-princess thing that comes without effort, and people are either nice to me or just leave me alone. Funnily enough, the only part I don't regret about that whole episode was the running away. To this day, I'm so glad I didn't try to fight them. It reminds me that I still had some sense left in me, however primal and undignified it was. Getting beaten up and suspended on top of it would have sucked so much more.</p>

<p>Also, around that same time, girls I didn't even know would think it was hilarious to say "hi" to me and then laugh hysterically when I said "hi" back. I never quite got the joke, but I was definitely intrigued by how easily amused the borderline retarded are.</p>

<p>^Middle school doesn't have to ever make any sense. Especially the girls.</p>

<p>I actually did get in fights in middleschool. 1 my first year (I don't know how this happened, honestly don't) 2 the next year, another 2 the last year. I'm so happy I don't do it anymore.</p>

<p>Yes. In elementary school and high school. I was the only non-Catholic in a Catholic school for 9 years. It sucked. I got picked on every day and they would come egg my house and prank phone call me and I basically lived in a living hell for quite a few years. </p>

<p>Then high school started and I haven't been bullied since, at least that I can remember.</p>