Anyone here know about TASIS england? (the american school)

<p>I am considering going for the spring semester (they have a rolling acceptance), that is if i get in. But does anyone here know anything they can share about it? Experiences? Teachers? What it's like to be an american student abroad? Or any friends that went there? Know how hard it is to get in? thanks!</p>

<p>dude, you shouldn't go there. Try for ASL first. the american school in london is really good. if you don't make it there go to Cobham. If you don't make it there then go to Tasis. Its not really that different. Because it is like an American Enclave. The second you enter the school it feels like an american school. More than 75% are american thats why. Courses are good.</p>

<p>why shouldn't i go there? how is ASL or Cobham better?</p>

<p>TASIS is not really American LOL a lot of students are the children of wealthy international politicians. These kids usually have an American parent. How do I know this? I just had a long conversation with one of my friends who used to go to trinity and applied there but decided not to go. His older brother and sister are alumni.</p>