anyone here nervous for your decisions?

<p>what's your backup plan should you not be accepted?</p>

<p>Beyond nervous! USF is my back up, it was my first choice until I did more research and saw UF's Florida Opportunity Scholarship</p>

<p>USF Honors is my back-up as well, though I'm considering FSU. It's a little too far from home for my taste though. :)</p>

<p>But I'm not even gonna let myself think I'm not gonna be accepted. I have to stay positive. :)</p>

<p>FSU - Freshman year abroad ( London)</p>

<p>Ooh, yes. I want to do a study abroad trip in England as well. I'm actually going to England this summer. Checking out Oxford, among other things. :)</p>

<p>If not florida await decisions from Yale, brown, upenn, USC, Emory, Notre dame. Sooo plenty of backup</p>

<p>most of you are OOS applicants then huh?</p>

<p>Rejected :(</p>

<p>well, i got accepted. sad to say i won't be going though</p>