Anyone here premed?

<p>Hey guys, I know I probably could have posted this elsewhere but anyways here's my dilemma:</p>

<p>I recently (within the past year) have fallen in love with medicine and would want to so badly change directions and shoot for med school. But here lie the problems, I have a 3.1 GPA right now and I am a third year structural engineering student. My GPA isn't good and considering that GPA is the #1 factor for admission into med school, I'm screwed. </p>

<p>I only have two more years left to obtain a BS in Structural Engineering then find a descent career paying good, comfortable money (right out of college). But if I stick to this curriculum, I don't think my GPA would improve all that much as oppose to an easier major say math or another science. Fall quarter is pretty much my last chance to change majors to something easier (and still graduate within two years)...</p>

<p>I would pretty much settle for any medical school in California or any where in the nation (as long as the medical school is respectable so I can find my way into a legitimate residency program elsewhere). </p>

<p>What'd you guys (or girls) think? Has my GPA tainted me into getting into a good med school or should I just suck it up and finish up with engineering? Have you ever heard of anyone getting into a good med school with a lower tier GPA?</p>

<p>Actually I should be saying that any California med schools would settle for me..</p>

<p>Ok, well a lot of people get out of college and do grad school of some sort.</p>

<p>I knew a person whose GPA was too hot (3.2) who got out of school, got a job, and did grad school in genetics in the mean time. After they'd completed that, they got into med school at UNC Chapil Hill.</p>

<p>It's a long route, but I think you could avoid it. You could possibly raise your GPA to a 3.5 with two years to go, give it your best shot.</p>

<p>Howard, EVMS, VCU are all great Med schools that take in average students.</p>