Anyone here watch "Beauty and the Geek"?

<p>I sound like such a BATG defender here!</p>

<p>Seriously, several of the girls who started the season totally clueless obviously began to value trust, integrity and true team effort over typical "beauty". In fact, the infamous "Ceecee" lost in the finals because almost all of the teams agreed she alone absolutely refused to change or even see the need for change. Her teammate, in fact, lobbied AGAINST their winning the $250,000 so that, hopefully, she would some how see a need for change in herself. </p>

<p>Seriously, I did not think I would like this show at all and only watched because my oldest convinced me to. It's quite interesting....</p>

<p>Yeah! A Beauty and the Geek thread! I knew there was a reason I read these threads even though son is already ensconced in college. Both my husband and I (both in our 50's: target audience??) love this show and find it absolutely riveting. Missed season one, saw all of season two, and devoured season three. BTW, tommorrow night at 8PM - (Wed, 2/21) BATG REUNION SHOW.</p>

<p>By the way - is anybody else a tad suspicious or doubtful re: Nate and Jennylee's "relationship?"</p>