Anyone here watch "Beauty and the Geek"?

<p>I know, I know. Really serious issues here.</p>

<p>I am NOT into reality shows, but my adult children talked me into watching this one and it, to me, is really interesting.</p>

<p>To take it one surreal step further, my kids, who are either in college or recently graduated, have all "friended" several of the "geeks" on Facebook.</p>

<p>I just think that's cool....</p>

<p>And part of our Valentine's fun tonight will be to watch the finals with our son and his fiance'.</p>

<p>I have never watched the show, but I am seriously sick of the commercial with the "oh oh, oh oh oh" song they play in the back ground!</p>

<p>My family loves this show. My H (the ultimate geek) thinks it is so funny. We'll be watching also.</p>

<p>I watched it once. It so happened that one of the geek had same name as my S. He got kicked out on that show.</p>

<p>I think it is boring....</p>

<p>We watched the first season's night of reruns over Thanksgiving weekend--kids had it on with their college cousins over, and we were laughing the whole evening. But we haven't seen it since...</p>

<p>Now that Scooter's won, people are obviously going to get the idea that a Harvard education = $250,000 reward. :D</p>

<p>I watched the entire first season, skipped out on the second, and only watched the finale for the third last night. Frankly, I'm glad I missed most of the third season because Cecille's attitude was atrocious. I wouldn't be surprised if her assertion that "people who think they can change over the course of this show are as dumb as they look" is why the producers decided to have the eliminated teams choose the winners.</p>

<p>I <3 Nate's ethics.</p>

<p>Why do the producers keep doing the show where the guys are geeks and girls the "beauty"? </p>

<p>On an unrelated note, the quality of the show is extremely poor.</p>

<p>Because geeky guys are more likely to watch a show involving interaction with pretty girls than vice versa?</p>

<p>Besides that, I didn't really like this season much - the challenges were pretty dull and I really didn't like any of the teams.</p>

<p>We enjoyed it pretty well....and I was very proud of Nate for doing what he did.</p>

<p>Guess I just enjoy the occasional show of extremely poor quality...</p>

<p>I haven't seen it. I haven't even heard of it. But I do have an anecdote... (as usual):</p>

<p>I'm a mentor for a high school FIRST robotics team. Last year's team had about 20 boys and 3 girls on it. One of the dads of one of the girls had just arrived at a meeting with his daughter, who is also on the school's dance squad.</p>

<p>OtherDad: I just came from the dance competition. Those are really cute girls, if these guys had any sense they'd be over there watching instead of in the shop.</p>

<p>WashDad: If those dancing girls had any sense, they'd be over hear making friends with these future engineers and scientists, who are generally sober, intelligent and all have great income potential.</p>

<p>i dont really watch reality tv (except for idol..), but i think its hilarious. i'd love to see the roles reversed for a change though...give hope to those of us who aren't 5'10 blonde models!</p>

<p>"WashDad: If those dancing girls had any sense, they'd be over hear making friends with these future engineers and scientists, who are generally sober, intelligent and all have great income potential."</p>

<p>also in general (based on personal observations): They have more stable - less divorce - family life. Just like in their profession once engineers and scientists decide that this girl 'computed' well in their solution, they don't try to re-optimize the solution.</p>

<p>washdad and simba, your anecdotes illustrate perfectly the point of BATG: to get those people who, according to our societal "norms" would normally not interact at all, to do so and discover the value in that. </p>

<p>I have also wondered why they don't reverse the "stereotypes" and have "geeky" girls and beautiful guys...who knows, maybe they will! I still enjoyed watching most of the people on the show come to really appreciate the others there for who they were and what they had to offer, not just their appearance. And the one girl who refused to "change" ended up getting completely cut out of her partner, even!....simply because all the others there wanted her to "get the point".</p>

<p>I just thought it'd be an interesting topic on this board and I refuse to start anything to do with politics....:eek:</p>

<p>I, too, am waiting for the version where the sexes are reversed. But I'm not holding my breath! It's the same old story--plenty of geeky guys "get the girl" when the girl is at least open-minded enough to realize that the geek will make a better partner. But how often do you see a super-handsome man opt for brains and personality over the "Ceecees" of the world? How someone with her personality and ethics (?) manages to keep attracting the people she claims to attract is beyond me. Also, network TV being what it is, I guess the producer (Ashton Kutcher) doesn't think the reverse-sex version would have sufficient eye-candy?</p>

<p>It's not that different from what you see in scripted shows ("According to Jim" and other like crappy shows) where you have an overweight, "avg joe" husband, who just happens to be married to a younger and more attractive wife.</p>

<p>though interestingly enough, i'd be willing to bet quite a lot of money that the majority of the audience are female, and might enjoy looking at some male beauties :)</p>

you have an overweight, "avg joe" husband, who just happens to be married to a younger and more attractive wife


<p>I'm pretty sure that most men are married to wives who are more attractive than they are. Marrying up is pretty much standard fare for men.</p>

<p>In the real world, Courtney Thorne Smith does NOT fall in love with Jim Belushi.</p>

<p>^^^ All males are beautiful, its only women that can be fat and ugly, if you believe network TV anyways. Name one overweight female lead besides Roseanne.</p>

<p>Exactly! And I'm sure that with a beautiful woman/geek combo--the woman is convinced with a little makeover and polishing of the social graces, the man can really become someone they could fall for. Whereas, with the other way around, it seems that beautiful men cannot see beyond a less than perfect exterior. Just sayin...
WashDad, I agree with your first sentence about many men marrying "up" (in the looks department), but then you say it doesn't happen--wouldn't CTS falling in love with JB be an example of that?</p>

<p>We started watching BATG when Dds TA was a Geek. </p>

<p>Can't imagine watching a show with beautiful men who are clueless. Wait, that's "The Bachelorette". </p>

<p>Geeks shouldn't wait for a woman to clean them up. </p>

<p>"Ugly Betty" (though not a reality show) is hysterical. (Whoever thought colored bands on braces was attractive was wrong. They should not even be an option for anyone over the age of 12.)</p>