anyone here?

<p>I guess I don't really have anything to say here, but the board is so empty. Anyone else thinking of heading to WWC in the fall? I'm visiting in a few weeks....seems like a really cool school though I am afraid it might be a bit on the small side.</p>

<p>Hi, thanks for starting the post! I was surprised not to find anything here when i checked last time. Our son has been accepted and we are planning to visit in the next week or two. i have spoken with someone who went for grad school as a writer and said it is awesome. I enjoyed the video they sent with the exception of him putting the cow milk in his coffee LOL! Be sure and write when you have visited! I will also!</p>

<p>My D applied to WWC last year and we visited the open house the summer before her senior year. The campus is unique and lovely, and Asheville reinforces its image as a "hippie" school. Seems like a fine school for the right kind of student (need to buy in to the triad), but be sure to check out the facilities and reputation of the department of your intended major/interests. D loved it but decided not to attend because we agreed she should stay closer to home, and she was looking for a bit more academic rigor.</p>

<p>yeah, I'm going to visit classes in the areas I'm thinking of majoring to see about that academic rigor and department quality aspect. </p>

<p>I guess I will post about my visit though it probably will only be of use for next years apps because it probably won't be up until after may 1st....I'm going on a whirlwind bunch of visits. </p>

<p>BTW--what other kind of milk would one put in coffee besides cow milk? :-P</p>

<p>My daughter is a junior there - if you have any questions.<br>
CharlotteRH - what are you considering as a major?</p>

<p>My daughter and I visited in February. She wants to major in creative writing. She sat in on a poetry class taught by Gary Lilley. She was fairly impressed with the class. as far as depth of discussion....however a few kids seemed asleep but I imagine this is typical at any college campus. Teacher also did not provide her w/poems they were critiquing which bothered her a bit as she was dying to contribute!</p>

<p>She loved the triad program (as in the working farm), the idyllic rural campus within a 10 minute drive to beautiful Asheville. Student body definitely hippie and something like 85% of student body went to private school which was odd. I think however most went to alternative private schools. Not too sure there is a heck of alot of diversity in student body. Which is curious as the hugely liberal leaning kids are in their own bubble where there may not be a heck of alot of differing viewpoints...something my daughter picked up on as a negative. Pretty decent geographical diversity from quick scan of license plates! Not too sure of financial aid opportunities, another concern for us!</p>

<p>Dorms were gorgeous, library was lovely, food amazing. Students cook the food, plumb your toilets, paint the dorms, they do everything and as a result tuition and room and board are pretty darned appealing!</p>

<p>I think the cow milk was from the dairy cow on campus, at the college's farm!</p>

Student body definitely hippie and something like 85% of student body went to private school which was odd


<p>I never knew this - my daughter went public as I think her friends. Probably a good amount of homeschoolers though.</p>

<p>Diversity - racially, you are correct. This school is a niche school, kind of hard to attract minorities.
geographically - great diversity, only about 15% of the kids are from North Carolina.</p>

<p>Some kids decide to stay and work inthe summer as well. Mine did. Figured she would have to have a summer job anyway. They have them move into one dorm and charge them a nominal price for room and board. It has worked out well, although I don't get to see her much :(</p>

<p>You will eat beef (unless you are not a meat eater) and veggies grown on the farm. Vegan/Vegetarian diets are supported as well.</p>

<p>If your daughter is interested in Creative Writing they have a well know MFA program that is in residence in the summer.</p>

<p>Financial aid -the endowment is not huge. She does get a farily hefty need based grant. I think they try to work with families.</p>

<p>Yes, I saw the 85% figure in a guide book...I was pretty surprised as usually that figure is for the publics.
Good to hear they will work w/families re need based grant/fa.</p>

<p>Has anyone out there gotten a financial aid package for 2008/09? Because I was accepted about a month and a half a go, and I have my financial aid info. from my other schools... but nothing from wwc and I'm starting to get worried. I'm visiting next week, but I might call to find out if its on its way. I mean they told me about a scholarship I won, but nothing yet in terms of need based aid :(</p>

<p>oh. also... what are peoples opinions of Warren Wilson in comparison with University of Vermont and Sarah Lawrence?</p>

<p>Hi Mollignant,
UVM is a small university, 7000 undergrads, right in gorgeous Burlington VT which is definitely a happenin town. And alot closer to campus vs. WW is to Asheville. WW is as you know much smaller but my daughter who will apply to WW will also apply to UVM. Much more diversity in student body, more than 50% come from out of state. FA for out of staters is pretty much non existent. UVM funds instate tuition from out of staters' $$. So your typical out of stater has $.
There is obviously winter in VT so that is a big diff. between VT and NC. Lots of hippies at UVM but you have artists, jocks, conservatives,etc. UVM has an excellent envir. studies program (one of best in country) and a wonderful English program as well.<br>
I can't say much about SL but first glance something about its program does not appeal to me.</p>

<p>hey molly! I think that is you...this is charlotte, the other prospie who rode the greyhound with you etc. fancy finding you here!</p>

<p>Anyway, I just wanted to counter the 85% private statistic. According to my Fiske Guide, "two thirds of the students attended public high schools"...</p>

<p>Is there anyone here who has enrolled at WW? What drew you to the school? What are you majoring in? Thanks in advance! :)</p>

<p>I'd like to "bump" the "anyone out there." </p>

<p>My daughter has just discovered WWC and Lewis and Clark in Oregon. There's almost no way we'll be able to visit yet this summer or fall, so I'm hoping there is someone here she can contact. D originally wanted big city university theater major, is now flirting with journalism, possibly poli sci and we've been dragging her to a variety of LACs because we live in the midwest and have several nearby (including one in town that of course she's not interested in.) </p>

<p>She has decent SATs, though feels a bit math phobic, two APs so far (a 4 and 1 5), 3.75 GPA. So far she loves American University, Beloit, and Kenyon (a stretch). She would still love to go to school in Chicago, though UC and Northwestern are out of reach. We also visited Columbia College of Chicago and she loved it, though the lack of financial aid opportunities make it unlikely.</p>

<p>My son and I visited Warren Wilson (WW) last week. We also visited Earlham (Richmond, Indiana), and Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO). Over the past few years, I have probably visited more than 25 schools with my daughter (now a junior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin) and son. WW is by far the most beautiful campus I have visited. My son loved the school - the triad concept (academics, work, service), the students, the sense of community, the setting, the emphasis on social justice, the respect for the environment, the interdepartmental majors. He also loved Colorado College, and Earlham ranked highly as well, with the only negative being location. He is going to apply to both WW and Colorado College (CC). At this point, he is not certain which school he likes more. I hope he chooses WW. It offers the most balanced and fulfilling educational experience that I have ever witnessed.</p>