Anyone in Medill?

<p>I'm a junior in h.s. and was curious how people are enjoying Medill and Northwestern. And of course, what were some ECs you did that you believe got you accepted into Medill?</p>

<p>I'm going to be a freshman in Medill starting next month, so I can't tell you how I'm enjoying the campus and/or classes.</p>

<p>I can tell you about my ECs and scores, if that helps.</p>

<p>In high school, I was the president of the senior class (student government for 4 years), president of Mu Alpha Theta (3-year member, previously secretary), president of National Spanish Honors Society (3-year member), 2-year president of Beta Club (3-year member), editor of the yearbook (2-year member), captain of the speech and debate team (4-year member), and involved in various community leadership initiatives. </p>

<p>I took the SAT three times (it's recommended you not take it any more than that; it tends to look excessive if you do) and did very well my third go-round. I had good grades, but I certainly wasn't the best student. The positive were that my lowest scores were in math and science, neither of which I planned to pursue at Northwestern. I think essays were definitely a big help; make sure to answer the Medill-specific question with a lot of enthusiasm and detail.</p>

<p>Hope this helps! Feel free to pm me if you have any more questions.</p>

<p>Thank you so much!!</p>

<p>I was in Medill for two years before transferring to Weinberg in Spring '08... so I can tell you a bit about how Medillians are "enjoying" Medill and Northwestern, as well as EC's...</p>

<p>Not to blow things out of proportion, but a lot of my friends in Medill share my frustration and discontent with the curricula. That being said, I can't think of any instance where the professors/instructors were blamed. Medill will really test your skills as a journalist as well as your passion to become one. Luckily if you end up finding out that journalism isn't your passion--it wasn't for me--, there are so many other amazing departments and majors. I really couldn't see myself anywhere else.</p>

<p>As for ECs... In high school I was a two-sport athlete, varsity for a total of 6 seasons; editor in chief of newspaper for 2 years, staff member and editor for the other two; president of both spanish and german honors societies; staff writer for my local daily with one article a week in the off-season and biweekly during sports. My best grades were in math and science with overall good grades, and my writing was what I was most known for. I had several awards for athletics, writing competitions and community service... Oh how I miss high school.</p>

<p>Also, feel free to PM me if you have any questions</p>

<p>I'm also an entering freshman Medillean. My credentials were much worse than CCCollegiate--or pretty much any other person I saw get in. I hate helping people so I think I had less than 50 hours of community for my ENTIRE high school career. I dont think I even listed it on my app. I was only really involved in two clubs, Mock Trial and Newspaper (Associate Editor one year) in 11th and 12th grades. I put some other bs clubs like Latin Club as well. I got a decent score on my standarized tests (33/2100) and nearly a 4.0 (although there was mass grade inflation), so that's probably what got me in. So I didn't have many journalism related activities.</p>

<p>Is Medill probably the hardest/most competitive school to get into at NU?</p>

<p>Is anyone in Graduate School in Medill?
I applied and the admissions people said I had a good shot....but they might say that to everybody.</p>

<p>I'm a senior in high school right now and I was wondering if I have a chance of getting into Medill.</p>

<p>I play two sports, gymnastics and track. I've been on jv gymnastics for 3 years, and varsity track for 2 years. I have been an active member of the National Honors Society for four years, I have been in a community service club for 4 years, I joined a mentoring/tutoring program my senior year, I am part of an AP art club, I have also been a mentor for 2 years as part of a minority empowerment program, I joined yearbook, and I volunteer for my schools community garden.</p>

<p>I go to a very small school but I am in the top 25%, I am ranked 22/110. I have a weighted GPA of 5.1 and an unweighted GPA of 3.7, I have taken all honors and AP classes and gotten mostly As and a couple of Bs. I scored a 29 on my ACT but I have recently retaken it and I'm still waiting for my results.(hoping to score at least a 31)</p>

<p>Also, I don't know if admissions takes it into consideration, but I am a minority(african american) and have recieved the M.A.A.R.C award(minorities achieving academic recognition ceremony)</p>

<p>Does anyone who has been accepted into Medill think I have a good chance of getting in?</p>