Anyone in Thurgood Marshall???

<p>My son was accepted but he didn't know what order to put down for the specific colleges so he went on line and put the ones that he thought looked the nicest via internet picture!!! We know nothing of these colleges. Does anyone know anything about Marshall and what type of people are in there?? He is a math/applied science major. White male very athletic both tennis, ultimate freesbee etc.. want to make sure he fits in well, any opinions???</p>

<p>He'll be fine there, all majors are offered regardless of what college your in so don't worry. Marshall is also close the RIMAC gym and near the north end tennis courts.</p>

<p>I'm a first year at Marshall and am on one of the athletic teams at UCSD. He will probably fit in pretty well here, this year Marshall had a pretty high number of freshman athletes (sort of depends on the year). Also, Marshall usually is one of the top colleges when it comes to the spirit competitions. Marshall seems to have a lot of social science majors, probably due to the GE's, but it is still UCSD and science majors are the majority. I know a lot of people from other colleges that would rather be in Marshall (if for nothing else we have the best food). Lastly, he should look into joining the ultimate club team, in my opinion being part of team is one of the best experiences in college.</p>