anyone interested in buying the UGBA 103 textbook off of me?

<p>just the hardcover book, no access code included.</p>

<p>According to the OSOC, the Cal book store is selling the hardcover book (without the access code) as follows: </p>

<pre><code>* TITLE:Corporate Finance
* PUBLISHER:Pearson Education
* ISBN:9780136089438
* NEW:$226.75
* USED:$170.25
* RENTAL:$113.26

<p>If you're interested, PM me and we'll negotiate price and other details.</p>

<p>I am only willing to do the transaction in person (probably on Campus), as I am not going to pay money to ship this heavy book probably just a few blocks away... (we all live <5 miles away from each other I'm sure...)</p>

<p>I’ll pay you $20</p>