anyone know about accordions?

<p>I've got these 12 bass buttons and I can't figure out what sense they're supposed to make.</p>

<p>what happens when you 'squeeze' the accordion and press the buttons?</p>

<p>it makes noise</p>

<p>I don't play one myself but these</a> instructions look interesting. Looks as if they're used to set up chords that do the oompah part as you play the melody with the other keys (or buttons). Also looks hard as rocks to play these darned things... This</a> page helpfully says:
The lowest number of bass buttons commonly found is the 12 bass. This usually has 25 treble keys. These instruments do not have enough bass buttons to play very much of anything. We recommend these to children where the child can earn his/her way up to a better instrument.


<p>no, it's perfect.</p>

<p>oops. It was late when I read your post, and thought you said "brass."</p>



<p>May I ask why you are learning the accordion??</p>

<p>Is it a piano accordion?</p>