Anyone know about MCPHS?

I have been accepted into MCPHS for the pre-med program with the University of St.George. However, I could not find a lot of information about it, so is there anyone that knows about this school and can give me some advice? I am an international student and I know it is super hard for me to go to medical school with my nationality, but I really hope I could get into med school in the future. Thank you.

MCPHS was rated as the top earning generating school in Masachusetts for return on investment.

University of St.George? That isn’t a US based program, which is a red flag. Non-US medical schools have problems getting many of their students into US residency programs.

What country do you come from? I heard University of St George is from Grenada, an island off the Caribbean near Maduro’s Venezuela. If you study in Grenada, it might be hard to get a US residency program. In fact, my aunt, she got a dental degree in VN, but can’t get her degree validated in the US after marrying to an S Vietnamese refugee (I was however born in VN after they came to America as my parents opted to stay in VN to grow their business), and therefore, she works as a dentist for a governmental organisation that pays her much less than normal dentists and she lives in a run down neighbourhood somewhere in Malden MA. I am however an international student studying Computer Science in Boston, and pretend these scenarios:

A: Studying at international medical school in Grenada; would I be able to take a residency program in the US? “First off, since you are going to Grenada, you have to follow US standards, and who knows how Americanised this university is as America has rigid standards for doctors. That means that since each country has its own medical standards, studying at the medical school in your practising country is the best bet.”

B: Studying at Grenada; would I be able to practise healthcare in your home country (ex. I will choose my home country, Vietnam)? “It depends; maybe Grenada has better health and ethical standards than a country like Vietnam, my home country. For example, in the UK, they don’t use anesthesia but in America they do, so since medical regulations depend by country, it is much better to study at the country where you will practise. But I assume if you study in the US and pay tons of money, you will not want to return to Vietnam and get meagre salaries as a doctor, because doctors in Vietnam might get paid only 20-40k despite the fact you can earn up to 250k in the US.”