anyone know any good sites with campus tour videos?

<p>Besides youuniversitytv/************** , does anyone know any websites that have video tours of lots of schools? I like watching campus tour type videos...</p>

<p>Go to YouTube. Virtually every college has a channel there. Then search the channel for admissions then campus tours. Many schools have great promotional videos posted. Some have video tours of recreational and residential facilities ott.</p>

<p>thanks! yeah thats what I've been doin, I was just seeing if there were any websites that gave tours from an outsiders perspective</p>

<p>Well I can't post the website because a <a href="http://www.**************.com/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.**************.com/&lt;/a> shows up.... but go to google and type in college tool kit and then you can search any college. Most but not all schools have videos and they usually have a campus video.</p>