Anyone know anything about Cornell's Med School?

<p>I was wondering if anyone has any advice or input regarding Weill Medical College of Cornell University. I'm trying to get into Cornell from my CC, my GPA is high enough and everything looks fine depending on how many transfer spots they have when I apply, but long term I'm wondering how Weill stacks up. I'd love to go to school in Manhatten and the residencies that Weill students get are often in NYC which would also be great, if anyone has any info on Weill such as acceptance by major, etc or just input on the school itself that would be great. Thanks!</p>

<p>weil is crazy nice</p>

<p>It is a terrific medical school, but this should have nothing to do with transferring to Cornell to finish undergrad. You will then apply to lots of medical schools, and Weill may not even end up on your list.</p>