Anyone know if I can take classs at a different campus?

<p>I had transferred to NB SAS this year from Rutgers NWK, but because of the recent housing shortage, it might not be convenient for me to take classes at NB. I am considering taking classes at Newark again but I don't know if I have to send in another School to School transfer app (probably already too late for that as well...) or if I can just register classes there without any problems. </p>

<p>WebREG allows me to do so, but I'm wondering if I would face any problems outside of simply registering online.</p>

<p>Any insight is appreciated.</p>

<p>I'm just curious. NB = North Bergen?</p>

<p>New Brunswick</p>

<p>Ohh okay, because I saw Newark and then NB, and North Bergen is in the same area as Newark. I grew up around northern NJ, by the Hudson River, 15 minutes away from NYC. :) So I was just curious.</p>