Anyone know of a download program to convert TI-89 to Reverse Polish Notation RPN?

<p>Just bought the TI-89 because of great reviews. Really prefer RPN (which HP is known for mostly, not TI) and had hopes there would be a reliable program available to do the conversion. Last night tried one and could not get it to work.</p>

<p>Has anyone else successfully installed a download program that enabled RPN on the TI-89 Titanium?? Any help appreciated.</p>

<p>What is so great about RPN? Actually not much. This notation is just too different from the algebraic way. I know very few who used it and virtually all classes you will have will teach the algebraic way to solve problems. Also most study guides use algebraic techniques. So do your self a favor and just use the algebraic calculating system. Don't modify the Ti-89 its key organization is already optimal and you might make it uterly confusing.</p>

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<p>Lars Frederiksen's got one out there that a lot of people are raving about in forums. It's said to be really fast and really clean.</p>

<p>NoobT (haha I have a mental block about calling you Noob...), RPN is much much faster. If she can convert between the algabraic and RPN notations on the fly, why not? Plus, if she's had experience on the HP's (49g, etc), there's no reason to relearn just because the instrument changed.</p>

<p>Aibarr, thanks for the link, I've been looking for one as well.</p>


<p>I prefer to use a two line display casio scietific calculator because the I can quickly enter and edit formulas to edit problems. With RPN, each problem has to be entered number by number and mistakes are more likely because all intermediate entries are not visible after calculation. Ofcourse this applies to all cheap non-scientific calculators as well. The ti-89 should not have these problem however.</p>