Anyone know of any full ride scholarships?

I have applied to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of scholarships and I am waiting to hear back from a majority of them. The few that I’ve heard back from have given me money to specific institutions, but it’s still not enough to cover the costs. I’m looking to go to college for free and need more scholarships that will cover a larger chunk of the ticket price. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

The colleges have the best funding.

In November you said you applied to the following schools:

On another thread you indicated they’re all OOS for you. I don’t think public universities can afford to offer full rides, and if they did I’m not sure a 30 ACT would be high enough to qualify even with a 4.0 GPA.

Did you apply to any schools in your home state? Can your parents pay anything (without having to borrow)? Outside scholarships won’t fill a huge gap, and because many schools don’t stack aid any grants the school offers may reduced by the amount of any outside grants you receive. What’s your EFC? Colleges are the best source of aid, but they won’t cover your EFC. They’ll expect your family to pay it.

Unless you have very income and accepted by a need met school, full ride or even near full tuition is not likely at all with your stat.

If you are a HS senior now…and you didn’t get a full ride from any of the colleges to which you were accepted…i think it’s going to be very hard to impossible to make that happen NOW.

Did you apply to any instate affordable colleges? Did you apply anywhere wher you were guaranteed to receive merit aid?

Does your family qualify for need based aid?

If you are a low-income minority student, The Gates Scholarships are “full ride” scholarships. Alas, the application deadline has passed for this year and competition is insane, but worth a try if you qualify.