anyone know the place of mech eng orientation?

<p>i know it's tuesday at 10am but i forgot the location of it haha..and i don't have the mail with me..anyone know where it's at?thx</p>

<p>Sep 19, 2006
New Ugrad Dept. Orientations
Welcome Fall 2006 engineering freshmen and transfer students! Don't miss your departmental orientation. Get you major questions answered, and meet the Dean, faculty, academic advising staff, and fellow students in your home department: </p>

<p>Bioengineering Department (BENG) - 12:00pm (Warren Lecture Hall 2001) </p>

<p>Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department - 2:00pm (CSE Bldg./EBU3B, Room 1202) </p>

<p>Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE) - 11:00am (Warren Lecture Hall 2005) </p>

<p>Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)Department - 10:00am (Warren Lecture Hall 2001) </p>

<p>Structural Engineering Department (SE)- 1:00pm (Warren Lecture Hall 2005) </p>

<p>For More Information: </p>

<p>Engineering Student Services
<a href=""></a>
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<p>thanks! (10 characters)</p>