Anyone know when/how Ursinus sends out its EA decisions?

My son is anxious to hear – we suspect he’ll be admitted but we’re (OK, mom!) is anxious to hear about a merit award!!

The website says “mid-December”, which is fast approaching :slight_smile:

Anyone hear anything EA yet?

@Yodayada123: I searched prior years and saw that last year’s (2018) EA decisions were emailed on 12/14 (a Friday) and 2016 decisions were emailed on 12/5 (Monday).

So any day now, I guess!

Waiting here too. I emailed Admissions early this week and got no response, so I called Admissions the other day and the girl didn’t seem to know much. She said it’s Rolling, then put me on hold when I asked her to clarify, then came back and said it’s mid-December, so “any time now.”

I assume it could be tomorrow by nature of tomorrow being Friday. The sooner the better though! :slight_smile:

Area rep has called my kiddo roughly every 3weeks since September. Last call just before Thanksgiving…said EA notifications should arrive by the 15th.
It’s a Sunday, so thinking email??‍♀️

I just checked the application portal and below the “application checklist” there are 2 new items under next steps: pay deposit and register for admitted students’ day. There’s a reference to the “admitted checklist”, but there’s only the application checklist, not an admitted checklist. I suspect he’s been admitted, but they haven’t finished updating the portal.

Just want to see the merit award – lol!!

I just checked the portal and I see the same as you. Definitely moving along! Like you, I just want to see the merit award! ?:relaxed:

Same here. Must be updating currently!

Looks like EA decisions going live at 5pm today per Facebook account

Portal went back to normal. Sneak peek is gone. ?

ETA: It’s back. I guess they are continually working on the admissions page.

It’s gone for us, too (and hasn’t come back yet)

Got in with $26,000 scholarship!

Congratulations!! What is your S/D interesting in majoring in?

In here, too! $35,000!! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty much his first choice — with Temple a close second (2 schools that could not be more different!!). He had been considering applying to Gettysburg and American, but I don’t think his heart is really in it.

Congrats to everyone admitted! My D is having an amazing academic experience at Ursinus. I have been very impressed with the faculty and the administration.