Anyone live on campus that can give advice?

<p>I'm a transfer student who lives in south OC but would like to live on campus in one of the apartments so It can be more convenient and I can network and etc.... Anyone know how expensive can it get, as far as food and other necessities. Also, does the rent include gas,electric? Thanks</p>

<p>I was a transfer student too and I just finished up with my first year here.</p>

<p>You defenitely want to live on-campus to get the full experience at Chapman. Live in the Davis Apartments. They are affordable and they have a good community.</p>

<p>Rush a sorority or a frat and get the full experience. If you are a girl, 7/10 girls here are in a soro and if you are a guy, like 3/10 guys are in a frat. Huge greek life here.</p>

<p>People are real nice and you will land up knowing just about everyone here when you get here. </p>

<p>I like it a lot.</p>

<p>Swift, do any have their own bedroom but shared bathroom. I mainly want my own room but don’t mind a shared bathroom so like a 2 bedroom apartment with a shared bathroom if they had that and if it had a kitchen. Do they have anything like that?</p>

<p>the davis appts are:
1 bedroom (min 2 people)
2 bedroom (min 3 people)
i think the other appartments are the same thing too.
And yeah it includes gas electric and all that stuff. i leave my ac on all day!</p>