Anyone living in a non UCLA apartment?

<p>Near campus? How far? -- If so, how much you paying and how big is it? (Studio, 1 Bed, etc).</p>

<p>On Veteran: 2 Bed/1 bath, $2200+utilities, 4 people. I guess we can make it cheaper if we put two bunk beds in each room for a total of 8 people.</p>

<p>I'm hoping to move into a Studio... but damn they're expensive.</p>

<p>Last year I lived in a 1bdr/1bath at 870 Hilgard Ave with one roommate. It's at the corner or Le Conte and Hilgard. It was pretty nice, close to campus, was probably a shorter walk to south campus than from the dorms. However, kinda expensive - its was $1725/per month. </p>

<p>This summer I'm staying in a bachelor apartment with a full kitchen on Tiverton Ave. It's $1450/month. However, its pretty nice - not as cramped as I thought it was going to be sharing it (what I am saying? I lived in rieber for a year and this apartment is probably more than twice that size! LOL.) It's also probably just as far of a walk to campus than it was from the dorms. Phone reception is terrible though. I pretty much can't make any phone calls inside the apartment. </p>

<p>Anyway, both apartments may be a little more expensive but close to campus, practically across the street from Ralph's and Best Buy and closer to Westwood than the dorms. AND the best thing - its REALLY quiet (except for the occasional helicopter going to the hospital.) We have never had any problems with loud parties like you may find near Veteran due to the frats.</p>

<p>$1,450? Ouch. If only I had a friend who was going to UCLA too. The only one who applied didn't get in. Heh.</p>

<h1>of people living in apartments in the world - # of people living in UCLA apartments = # of people living in non UCLA apartments.</h1>

<p>2550 for 2 x 1.5, 1150 square foot (we swear it's less though) for 4 people in the fall, five in the spring. It's way expensive and we're seriously considering other options with more bedroom space. However, it's close to campus (555 Kelton), but parking is limited, only one spot. I love the people I'm living with so we'll make due with space since we have a decent feel for what everybody's role is.</p>

<p>2bd/2ba for $2350/month on veteran includes 2 parking spaces (tandem), water and cable</p>

<p>2bed 2bath 2400 per month includes 2 parking spots (tandem)
water, cable/internet and utilities separate
~25 minute walk from Royce Hall; ~Veteran</p>

<p>...just check out CraigsList to see what's typical for a WW apartment...</p>

<p>hah, those places are nothing compared to mine. :(</p>

2 bed 2 bath
2 parking spots + water
place is GIGANTIC</p>

<p>how big is gigantic, in terms of square footage?</p>