Anyone meet their admission officer?

<p>I know we all got letters from our admission officers, but did anyone meet theirs either at ADOCH or on another day? I met mine, she's great! Who were your admission officers? I wonder if any of us have the same ones...?</p>

<p>I met an admission officer (Eric) and he told me that Panetha probably read my application, but no, I didn't meet mine.</p>

<p>im from nj so Toni read mine. i met her, i reallylike her too. she is soo outgoing, and loud (in a good way) and she always had a smile when she talks.</p>

<p>uh oh, grammar error</p>

<p>oh toni was really nice i met her. i had amanda (she does parts of ny) and she was really sweet and excited about brown too.</p>

<p>I had Darrell, and as soon as I entered the registration room @ ADOCH he was like "Liz?" and I had no idea who he was. Kind of unnerving, but really cool at the same time that he recognized me from those pictures that we send in.</p>

<p>i never sent in a picture... hmm. but toni knew me, after i told her how i was. she was running around in the morning like crazy. oh well.</p>