Anyone needing a roommate (off-campus) for fall 2010???

<p>I'm a transfer student and like others mentioned, transfers are probably not getting a contract for on campus housing. So, I am thinking of leasing an apartment and was just wondering if anyone is in the same situation and needs a roommate?? I know that most apartments will match you with other people, but maybe someone here knows of a place that needs more people to live together. Just wondering...</p>

<p>I'm a transfer too, and I'll probably need one if my other options don't fall through.</p>

<p>Are you male or female? I know of a group of 4 girls looking for a 5th for the Villas on Guadalupe and possibly a male looking for one roommate of either gender.</p>

<p>There is still some room in some of the cooperative houses. Check out the websites for more information.</p>

<p>I am a female junior business major and need a roommate. The friend I was planning on living with backed out last minute after her dad lost his job. I have an apartment on Red River. Rent is $800/month including utilities. I have furnished the apartment already except for the second bedroom. The apartment layout is great, the complex is generally quiet and I can either walk to campus or hop on the shuttle (stop is right in front of the apartment). If you are female, send me an email.</p>