Anyone new get accepted to sdsu for 08?

<p>If so what was your gpa and sat scores? I am still waiting on if I am going to be accepted or not. I am not good at waiting, especially for something that will determine the next 4 to 6 years of my life. My gpa is 3.6 and sat combined reading and math only is 980. Overall 1450 but cal states only look at the reading and math scores. I hope even with a bad sat score i will still get into san diego state. Hope everyone gets into the school they are hoping for, i sure hope i do.</p>

<p>i got in for fall 08 with a 3.6 and a 1200 SAT score (reading and math only).
good luck! im still waiting on ucsb.</p>

<p>Last time I called they said their minimum was looking like a 3700 or so. You have a 3860. Are you from out of state? My daughter has a 3814. I would really like to know if and when you get accepted. Pleasee e-mail me at <a href=""></a>. Good luck!!!</p>

<p>I will let you know right away Deb and I hope its soon because I am getting anxious. If its not too much trouble, it would be awesome if you could post on this thread what they are telling you about the admissions; since your DD and me have around the same stats. Oh yea, and I am in California, not out of state. Lets hope that we both get in.</p>

<p>Well the 3700 is the out of state minimum..l Last year the in state minimum was only 2900. They make it so much harder for out of staters. What sux is that we are moving to LaJolla August 1st but since she is graduating from out of state they are making her meet the out of state requirements. did you research what dorm you want to live in?</p>

<p>I have been researching that and it has been quite hard. I was looking between zura and cuicacalli. I have been in cuicacalli and it is very nice because you get your own full kitchen and living that you share with 7-9 other kids and a shower. They are really nice, but i would be sleeping in a room with two other guys, where as in zura i would only have to sleep with one, but i wouldnt get those luxuries like the bathroom, shower, kitchen, in my room. I was thinking zura because I have heard it is the funnest, most social dorm to stay in. Cuicacalli is a little more less social, but you are living with like eight others in your suite. I am thinking cuicacalli. What about your daughter?</p>

<p>She seems to want Zura because it would be the quickest way to meet people. But my older daughter lived in a "traditional dorm" and she shared a bathroom with 22 girls. not fun. However I have been reading about Tenocha which is like Zura but a little nicer. The jury is still out. I saw a you tube video of Zura and it looks like a bunch of drunk guys wandering down the hall. Definitely the quickest way to meet people but not good for getting a decent nights sleep. I hear that people who live in suites freshman year are at the mercy of their suite mates meaning that if youdon't get along with them you are stuck with that group. if you are in a traditional dorm and you don't get along with your room mate you can still go next door or down the hall to hang out.</p>

<p>I would recommend Chappy, Tenocha, Zura, and Cuic Suites (in that order)</p>

<p>Zura is old and falling apart. Most dorms are the same in terms of meeting people. I like Chappy because furniture is new, walls are thick so you can sleep and it's close to most of the buildings I have classes in and the gym. Tenocha is also good because it's newer than Zura and in the area where most kids live.</p>

<p>If you want to party, Chappy is not a bad place. It's close to fraternity row which can be a long walk at night back to Zura, Tenocha, and Cuic.</p>

<p>Why is cuic the last one. What do you know about cuic compared to the others</p>

<p>Dorm kitchens. Hmmm. Have you seen a dorm kitchen shared by several college students. Not a pretty sight. My daughter's roomies used to cook food, put the uneaten food on a plate in the refridgerator, and "forget" about it. Dirty pots and pans, even with a dishwasher. Oh, and will you be sure that somebody hasn't been drinking out of your milk carton? Out-dated food, science experiments growing hair, ugh. They labeled their food, had cleaning rules, but friends come over, or they don't "feel" like cleaning the kitchen . . . This year my daughter is in a suite without a kitchen and she and her roomie each have their own small fridges. MUCH better, and there is a kitchen down the hall for the floor, if she needs to bake a pie, which hasn't happened yet!</p>

<p>cuic is not a dorm and is suite type living so you are surrounded by the 6 other people in your suite.</p>

<p>all the dorms don't have a kitchen besides one per dorm hall which is "rented" out to students for free. But most people just eat out on campus or makeshift with your small fridge and microwave.</p>

<p>CaliGuy07, The "rented" kitchen sounds like the ideal situation, and, I am assuming that SDSU cleans the shared kitchen weekly, or something like that. Is that correct?</p>

<p>Is it hard to live with the other people in the suite? Is that you why you dont suggest it? Is living with one other person in a dorm without a kitchen, living room, and shared bathroom better? Why? Thanks for the help</p>

<p>Have you heard anything yet? My poor daughter gave herself two huge ulcers in her stomach from worrying about getting in. She had testing done yesterday. I feel so bad for her because if they would just tellus already she would be feeling so much better.</p>

<p>codyz15. I am a parent and this is what my kids have said:(these are other universities) son lived freshman year in a triple dorm room/bathroom, no kitchen available - crowded, but he survived, and private bath was good. Sophomore year, double dorm room w/bath - better. Last two years, 2 bed apartment with four guys - he liked it. Daughter lived in suite style dorm freshman year w/bath/kitchen/living room, 2 bedrooms, four females - not very social, as it is like an apartment and the kitchen thing was gross for her, but she liked her roomies. Sophomore year, suite dorm with living room/bath/2 beds four females and NO kitchen but there was a kitchen and big tv/pool table room on the floor, so - best, so far, without the kitchen IN the suite!
Daughter's best friend is at another university w/traditonal/bath-down-the-hall and she loves it.</p>

<p>The "traditional" dorms are by far the most social, as you are forced to go out for the bathroom and you meet everybody! Freshman year in a traditional dorm is a great idea, wouldn't you like to try it once in your life? It is just personal preference! </p>

<p>My youngest child is considering SDSU, and I have no idea where she would choose to live, yet.</p>

<p>To: adultparentmom: thanks adultparentmom. I have heard most people say the same as you, that the traditional dorms are the best place to room freshman year. Though I was leaning toward the suite style dorms, I am starting to lean toward the traditional style dorms even though there is no bathroom or living room in my room. I think it would be worth it because of the experience I would get out of it. Being social and getting to know new people your first year is important.</p>

<p>To: GreatfulDeb: She must be stressn worse than me about getting in. I feel bad that she is having those effects because of the stress. Hope she gets well. I haven't heard anything on getting accepted or not. I did go on another tour of the school though about a week ago so I could talk to students about the school and look at it again. While I was there I was also able to have the opportunity to talk to the manager of the prospective students center and I told her my elgibility index score and without hesitating she said that I will be alright on getting in. That was worth the trip down there. I hope what she told me will be what really happens. She also said that mid Feb to the first of March I should know. Let me know if you wanna know anything about the school and when your daughter gets notified on her admissions decision.</p>

<p>The dorms here do not have shared/rented kitchens are the same. Their is only one in the entire building and you go to the front desk to check out keys for it.</p>

<p>I do believe you must clean up yourself but I have never used it.</p>

<p>The zura dorm halls basically consist of the 1st floor having a kitchen, laundry and entertainment room. Then every floor has a small community room with sofas and a very small tv. Each floor has a community bathroom cleaned daily except for weekends and the halls are filled with rooms which students must take care. Most dorms on campus have similar set ups except for the suites probably.</p>

<p>Check out for a floor plan.</p>


<p>I have the exact same eligibility index score as you. I'm almost positive we will get in. I just wish they counted freshman year, than my eligibility index would be well over the 4,030 for guaranteed admission.</p>

<p>But anyways, about dorms I'm thinking Zura, Chappy, and Cuic. </p>

<p>And are any of you guys considering any other schools? </p>

<p>As of right now I'm going to Indiana, but if I decide it costs too much, than I'm going to look more into SDSU. But right now I just feel SDSU is too overcrowded and impacted. And I know SDSU has a lot of people on campus, but the school only houses 63% of freshman, and 20% are part-time students. And lastly the on-campus recruiting just plain sucks compared to some of my other schools. But I plan on visiting and talking with career services and the business school before I make my final decision.</p>

<p>Do any of you have worries/problems about SDSU?</p>

<p>Wow. That was such a good idea to go to the Prospective Student Center to ask. I feel better now too. I am afraid to tell my daughter just in case though. I guess we will know definitely over the next three weeks.. She applied to Northridge and got in. She also applied to Fullerton and Long Beach. Fullerton is the safety school and even they haven't accepted her yet. Seriously I don't know what takes so long. The stress is really killing both of us.</p>

<p>Anyway, if she does get in we have a trip booked for April to go on the campus tour.</p>

<p>Fingers (and toes) crossed.</p>

<p>PS I think tradtitional dorm is the way to go for Freshman year.</p>

<p>Yesterday, daughter got the invitation for the family welcome reception for newly admitted students. Anybody here going? Choices are Los Angeles, February 23, or or Bay Area, March 29. We may go, L.A. being the closest choice for us.</p>