anyone not able to view their maryland UMD decision?

<p>I can't see my decision anywhere! anyone else having this problem? what do to?</p>

<p>Even when you looked at the bottom of the page? That's where mine was</p>

<p>yes same for me. i called and the guy said that my app is being reviewed by the assistant director of admissions. i guess that means that we're on the bubble</p>

<p>sooo weirdd! let me know if / when you hear back</p>

<p>they said ill get an email from the assistant director by friday</p>

<p>what the hell that's not cool! are you expecting to get in?</p>

<p>i wasnt "expecting" to get in. my stats are a tiny bit below the averages from my high school but i am confident. i guess this means that were on the bubble. what about you?</p>

<p>yea this is verrryy much a safety for me so this is a tad bit confusing haha</p>

<p>I called when I couldn't find it. They said my application wasn't complete, because I didn't do the TOEFL.... I wasn't even required to do the TOEFL. Anyways, she told me she made the decision and the portal will update by Thursday.</p>

<p>still haven't heard back...any updates for you guys?</p>

<p>This happens every year for various reasons. If it has happened to you, keep calling them till you get a decision. Don't assume that what gets the issue resolved for someone else here also covers you.</p>

<p>still no reply. if i don't get one tomorrow i'm gonna call</p>

<p>i called today and they said now that i'll definitely hear back by the end of next week. they said that they had so many priority apps that they couldn't get to all of them by 1/31. really ridiculous that they couldn't finish everything on time.</p>

<p>The same thing happened to my D. It is a safety for her too. Kids from her high school with MUCH lower stats got in. I posted the whole story in the Journalism thread. She submitted on 9/26... did you guys get your apps in early too? We have the Director of Guidance from our school district dealing with it now.</p>

<p>still haven't gotten a decision. anyone else?</p>

<p>My D was excepted. The decision went up today at 4:30. But it doesn't say if she got into Journalism or if she was looked at for Honors or Scholars. It is blank for major and advising college. We had the Director of Guidance call the Asst. Director of Admissions and she got things moving for us. So I guess half and answer is better than no answer at all????</p>