Anyone planning on doing this?

<p>See thread below:</p>

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<p>Seems kinda crazy but i think it actually worked for some ppl. eh, ill prob just wait for the email to come</p>

<p>When are they sending the packages? It seems like a lot of work to do to find out, what, two or three days in advance at the very most?</p>

<p>I think I'll just wait and see. I'd hate to find out I didn't get in from a DHL customer service rep.</p>

<p>they might switch it up and not use DHL</p>

<p>They used FedEx for ED this year, and from what I can recall the method of calling ahead did not work for the people who tried it out...probably had something to do with the fact that "snail mail" decisions were mailed out on the day of decisions (not the day before) and maybe because FedEx just doesn't let you call in about hypothetical packages from 10027 the way DHL apparently does.</p>

<p>Either way, most people agree that calling the delivery service is a pretty awful way to find out your decision.</p>

<p>I would try that but I'm too shaky to even pick up my phone. lol OMG....decisions in 8 days!!!</p>

<p>i'd rather wait until the decision day... and it's pretty awful to find out the decision of my choice one college from a dhl customer service rep...</p>