Anyone play super smash melee here?

<p>casual/semi-serious meet-ups?</p>

<p>If there are....I'm joining too if I can >.></p>

<p>one of my close friends and i play smash for n64 every now and then if that counts..</p>

<p>joke of a fighting game</p>

<p>^i agree its not a strong fighting game when compared to others out there, but its pretty interesting how creative people get, especially given the crappy move list. some people even study the frames per second for moves and figure out how to get people in a sucky loop of pain. Super</a> Smash Bros. Melee SSBM - 2 top players 2004- DK vs Fox - YouTube</p>

<p>but yeah, it's not really a good 'fighting game', just fun to play for the character recognition, etc. kinda like the mario kart of fighting games.</p>

<p>still fun :P</p>