Anyone please chance me??

<p>I'm an international student currently attending a pretty competitive private academy in NH. I take AP's and honors classes. My GPA is 3.99 UW.</p>

<p>I just got my sat score today. The result was rather disappointing:
CR: 500, MA: 730, WR: 710
Toefl iBT:100
SAT Chem: 760
SAT Math I: 740
Taking Math II in December : expect 750+</p>

<p>I had some EC's and awards but nothing exceptional:
Math team champs regional (2009, 2010) and state champ (2009)
Quiz Bowl
Rensselaer medalist
National Society of high school scholars
150 hrs of volunteering</p>

<p>I'm applying to USC, UC Davis, RPI, BU, Tulane, Purdue, Northeastern, University of the Pacific.</p>

<p>Anyone please so kind chance me. I appreciate it!</p>

<p>I hate to say this, but I almost wonder if you got off a space on the CR part of your SAT. Perhaps you should ask to have it checked, you can do that. It just doesn’t make sense given your GPA and the other sections. Otherwise retake it, quick.</p>

<p>yeah, that’s what i originally thought too. I expect my CR to be about 600. But if it happens to be my mistake of circling the wrong bubbles, it’s impossible to change the result now. Most of my colleges accept December SAT as a final sitting, and that’s when I’m taking Math Lv2. So I don’t think I have time (and energy) doing another SAT1.</p>

<p>I am absolutely no expert on this, but I think I read somewhere that if you have the SAT people (ETS?) examine your test manually, they can sometimes determine if that kind of mistake has been made and correct for it. Of course they charge to have it “hand graded”. I might be totally wrong on their ability to correct that kind of mistake, but it seems like it is at least worth a phone call.</p>

<p>Otherwise I would still look at taking the SAT at the next sitting (Nov 6). Technically past the date, but you could at least see if there is a spot available by calling them. Otherwise I would do the Jan 22 date. Sure, it is past the normal deadline for colleges, but in your case it could provide the difference before final decisions are sent out, or the basis for you to appeal a decision. It would be a real shame for you to miss out on the school you want because of an transposition error, if that is what it was.</p>

<p>Thanks for your advice chemist. I’m gonna discuss this with my counselor to see she thinks before I’ll do anything.</p>

<p>anyone … bump…</p>