Anyone receive notification re: scholarships?

<p>Do you qualify for or have you received notification of a scholarship from FAMU?</p>

<p>I called the office of financial aid and all they told me my application was under review and I qualify for a scholarship. That was at least a month ago and I still haven't received an official notice of a scholarship.</p>

<p>what is your major going to be? My D got the life gets better scholarship and she was notified by the office of recruitiment. You may want to call them to see if they will provide you an update.</p>

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<p>pharmacy is my major. i just got an official letter today notifying me of my eligibility of a scholarship. i have to mail the letter back signifying my acceptance of the scholarship. and if funds are available, i'll get it. this is kinda funny because earlier this week when i called for an update, i apparently wasn't even in the system. :P</p>

<p>wish me luck. and i wish your daughter luck as well.</p>

<p>Congratulatins to you abdc11!</p>

<p>Thank you. & I got an e-mail yesterday confirming I am a recipient of the award. (:</p>