Anyone received acceptance letters yet??

<p>If you have, please post your stats and merit/scholarship awards.</p>



<p>SAT 2040
Unweighted GPA 3.6
Weighted GPA 4.3
2 APs
NHS, lots of ECs</p>

<p>$15k/yr and Honors Program</p>

Nursing major
SAT: 2040
UW GPA: 3.3
W GPA: 3.6ish, no idea what they reweighted it to.
ECs: Poetry Club (11-12) SADD, Newspaper, 32 hour a week job, NHS, History Honor Society, French Honor society, National Merit Commended Student</p>

<p>Accepted into the honors program with a 15 K a year scholarship. Pretty pumped. Congrats to everyone who got in!</p>

<p>Did you all hear this week? My dd has applied ea and we have not heard yet if she was accepted. She just got into Merrimack today and is excited about that.</p>

<p>Yes, I heard Thursday night</p>

<p>Accepted for EA!</p>

<p>27 ACT
4.0 Unweighted GPA
Candidate for IB Diploma
EC: online newspaper editor, president of NHS, community service, & more</p>

<p>$15K/year w/ Honors. I’m so happy!</p>

<p>To those of you that received the $15k merit award, did the acceptance letter split up your $15k into some for tuition and some for room & board? Did anyone receive more than $15k for merits/grants?</p>

<p>Accepted EA honors program </p>

<p>Accepted EA, honors program, 17k merit award, 3.6 uw / 4.2 wt GPA , 1980 SAT </p>

<p>Accepted EA to nursing!
GPA: 4.38 weighted
ACT: 27
18k merit award and accepted into Honors!</p>