Anyone received an admissions decision for fall 2014 yet?

<p>OWU is tied with Ohio Northern for my daughter's number one spot. We are anxiously awaiting a letter of acceptance from OWU with merit aid information. Anyone heard anything yet? (I was told by an admissions counselor several weeks ago that the first round of decisions was imminent.)</p>

<p>I visited with an admissions counselor in September and was informed that for early action, the board did not review submissions until at least Thanksgiving break.</p>

<p>My daughter received her letter of acceptance and merit award today. She submitted via Common App on October 11.</p>

<p>My daughter received her acceptance/merit award letter last Wednesday. She will be auditioning for a music scholarship in January which would stack with her merit award. I really appreciate the fact that OWU does not make you wait to hear about merit money til after the music audition, like Capital, Otterbein and Ohiio Northern do. Those three schools bundle their talent and merit awards together. Makes for a long wait - probably March before we know anything about those schools.</p>

<p>Received the package today. Very generous award as well.</p>

<p>I just recently received my acceptance package along with information about the honours program</p>

<p>My son received his Saturday with excellent merit aid.</p>

<p>Well then, folks, get over here and show OWU the love:
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<p>I haven’t got any result :(. is that a bad thing :(</p>

Not necessarily. Emma, it’s too early to lose sleep – so please don’t.
It depends, at least in part, on when you applied. </p>

<p>My son received his acceptance (and merit award – W00T!!) today –
he applied November 25th. </p>

<p>Curiously, my son received no email confirmation of his application
(unlike the 7 other schools to which he applied). When we followed up
on this omission late last week, OWU advised that “something had been
put in the mail” on Tuesday – so do take into account that our package
took a week to arrive.</p>

<p>Congrats to all who have received acceptances! S is a freshman and he (and his parents) are loving it!</p>

<p>I received my result today by phone call! I was also selected as a Schubert Scholar and received some information about that, along with the corresponding merit aid amount. I applied back in mid-December.</p>

<p>@smythic - What are your son’s favorite/least favorite things about OWU? </p>

<p>Anxiously awaiting the results of the Schubert Scholars competition - we should hear in about a week. </p>

<p>Motherlove, he likes the size, the individual attention, the profs, the Midwestern friendliness (we’re from NY) and the music program. Complains about the food and the (this winter anyway) cold cold weather. </p>

<p>@smythic - thank you!</p>