Anyone received EA decision for Fall 2023

My daughter applied EA to Ithaca back in October and her admissions counselor said decisions are made on a rolling basis by February 1st and that she should hear sooner than that since she applied so much earlier than the Dec. 1st deadline.

I was curious if anyone has received a decision yet from Ithaca.

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Nothing yet

The EA decisions should be out by Thursday/Friday. Admissions told us it takes 2-3 weeks from the application deadline to hear back.

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Haven’t heard anything yet

D23 applied Oct 30. Have not heard anything yet

Thank you all for the responses. Hopefully we will
start hearing about decisions going out later this week or next week.

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Waiting to hear too! Fingers crossed !

Got our EA acceptance to the Park School in the portal, but no email yet! In addition we got merit notification. Check your portals!


Just checked. Nothing yet.
DD also applied to Park. Hopefully in the next few days.

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Nothing here either

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Im sure its coming imminently. Its a good sign that they are releasing info already, a few days early. Best of luck !!

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Any more acceptances ? nothing for my DS yet

ithaca is out!! my DD was accepted!


My son was just accepted as well! Will 19K annual scholarship. Business major.



Nothing yet for my DD either.

Did your DD apply ED or EA?

Just wondering if Ithaca just released ED decisions and is waiting on EA

She was EA

Was it an email or just in the portal?

DD’s friend was accepted EA tonight but nothing in her portal tonight. I hope it’s not a bad sign.