Anyone received notice of scholarships yet?

<p>Scholarship notices from the university are supposed to be out by 3/30. Has anyone recieved notice yet? I am curious about CFANS in particular. Thanks, a future Gopher.</p>

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<p>It seems like nearly all of these reports are from OOS.</p>

<p>For in-state: DD received her scholarship notice on Wednesday. She is in CBS and got the Maroon and Gold Leadership Award.</p>

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<p>^Congrats sedluhs!! D1 received the bulk of her scholarship offer back in December, but received notice in the mail today that she’ll be awarded an additional $1K/year from the “official” college-sponsored NMSC scholarship. Every little bit helps!! Don’t know if she’ll be considered for any CBS specific scholarships, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.</p>

<p>My s just recieved a 2k/year scholarships from cfans today. The school has gone out of their way to make him feel welcomed and wanted. Very impressive.</p>

Congrats!!! Does she get any other scholarships than Maroon and Gold?

My DD received presidential scholarship in Dec. This week she received additional 2k scholarship

The Maroon and Gold Scholarship was $12k per year which pretty much covered tuition and fees at the time. She ended up getting $1 to $2k bumps every year from CBS so was getting about $16k by her senior year.