Anyone registered for course yet?

<p>as above.</p>

<p>I am kind of worried because I cannot register for courses yet because my orientation starts pretty late( i'm an int'l student). And as I browsed thru the course catalogue, I realize that some of the classes are filling up quickly...</p>

<p>I'm an international, too. Don't worry, they save spots for us in the huge intro lectures. Only the interesting electives get filled up.</p>

<p>^ that's not very re-assuring lol</p>

<p>At least we don't get COMPLETELY shafted.</p>

<p>Only partially.</p>

<p>^ thanks.. at least now i am not so worried hahaa</p>

<p>Which classes are you looking to take in the first semester blissful? Perhaps I can give you an idea of whether you'll get a seat or not.</p>

<p>well if someone's doing's a pretty fixed course with only a few electives right?
which means that he/she should get a spot anyway cause they were admitted in the first place, right?</p>

<p>heylo! </p>

<p>gomez: to be honest, I am really lost. I want to be in the ROss school program in the second year and I know I need to take Calc, Econ, and First Year Writing.I have credit for Econ already. </p>

<p>What kind of courses do you suggest me take?? I see the whole list of courses..... all these numbers and descriptions drive me crazy haha</p>

<p>Take Econ 102 or 401 or a 300 level class.</p>