Anyone rejected then accepted?

<p>has any transfer in this thread been rejected to a college in frosh admissions but accepted in transfer?</p>

<p>Yes..I was rejected in freshman year but was accepted as transfer to UPENN and Stanford...</p>

<p>really? what do you think made them change their mind? is it because you applied in sophomore year after getting good grades in college?</p>

<p>I was rejected by NYU, UChicago, and Penn as an applicant for freshman year. After 1 semester with a 3.5 from a pretty bad city college I got into NYU (conditional), rejected by Penn again, but waitlisted by Chicago. I have horrible stats though.</p>

<p>jetx- i think my research, recommendations and work experience played a huge part in the universities changing their mind...</p>

<p>pepsicokevodka, congrats on stanford! did you decide on where to go?</p>

<p>as a freshman i was rejected from NYU and UNC, and I was accepted to both as a transfer</p>

<p>gonsenheim what did you stats look like for transferring to UNC? I'm hoping to try and transfer next fall not sure if I have the stats though.</p>

<p>Rejected twice at Rice, but accepted for fall 2006.</p>

<p>Three is a charm. Teehee.</p>

<p>I was rejected from USC as a freshman applicant and was just recently accepted as a transfer student for the fall 2006...</p>

<p>so, yes, I do think it is definitely possible to get rejected once and then accepted the second time...although you have to show them new you can't just stay out of school a semester and apply with the same stats...</p>

<p>I graduated from high school and was rejected to USC...went to community college for a year...resubmitted my applicaton with new essays, recomms, and other materials and was accepted...</p>

<p>I love how nspeds was persistant...obviously that could work also</p>

<p>forgiven- I am going to was alwayz my dream school and plus i dont wanna miss a chance to graduate in an ivy...</p>

<p>pepsi, ru the one that had that plagerism scare???</p>

<p>I was rejected as Freshman from: UCLA, UCI, UCSD
I was accepted as Transfer from: UCLA, UCI, UCSD</p>


where are you transferring from?...and what are the "horrible stats" that you mentioned earlier?</p>

<p>Dude this is probably the most reassuring thread I've ever seen on CC. I feel like for every one success story I read I find ten more disaster ones. Rock on!</p>

<p>Was rejected freshman admission from Penn, Columbia and Harvard.</p>

<p>Accepted to all three (from NYU).</p>

<p>I think the big thing for me was stronger essays: I didn't know where I was going academically, and it took me a year of college to understand what I want and how I can articulate it.</p>

<p>Furthermore, strong recommendations are good, especially with great professors (if you're transfering, take a course you'll enjoy and in which you'll work your ASS off)</p>

<p>You got into Penn, Columbia, and Harvard as a sophomore transfer?</p>

<p>Denied Georgetown Frosh admissions, accepted as a transfer.</p>

<p>can anyone tell me whether transferring after 1st or 2nd year has a better chance?</p>

<p>Also denied my first time to Georgetown, accepted as a transfer. Essays were the same, I think raising my GPA and strengthening my EC's helped.</p>