Anyone rejected?

<p>I just got deferred but to be honest i thought i was going to be outright rejected (especially because i was deferred from Illinios earlier today). But i just wanted to know if anyone was rejected or if michigan even rejects anyone? Or do they just defer everyone to RD?</p>

<p>Michigan claims that they will reject students during EA, but it seems to be extremely uncommon. In fact it seems like Michigan really dislikes rejecting students in general. While Michigan gives no information about how many students they defer every year, they do give information about their wait list. For the last several years, Michigan’s wait list has been ridiculously large. I know that a couple of years ago there was less than a 0.3% chance of actually being accepted off of the wait list because there were so many people offered a place in the list. Don’t expect to hear about many rejections, as Michigan quite obviously prefers to defer and wait list.</p>

<p>I only got deferred, like you. Outright rejection for EA/ED applicants does happen, but from what I hear it doesn’t seem to be as common this year.</p>