Anyone retake 2300+?

<p>I always hear people saying how they are going to retake a 2300+, but I wonder if anyone really does it and if so, what did you get the second time?</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't think that there really is a point in retaking the test if you get a 2300. I don't think that having a score of 2340 as opposed to 2300 will really be a determining factor in college admissions. If you think it will make a big difference, go ahead and retake, but otherwise, there really isn't any point.</p>

<p>waste of time preparing and basically a waste of life.</p>

<p>It's pretty strange how good my school is at the SAT this year. Although I was really happy with my 2300 in oct, by now, already 3 people got higher sat scores than me.</p>

<p>I got a 2300 exactly the first time I took it, then 2370 on my second try. I know it probably doesn't really make a difference, it's just that I made a particular careless mistake on several CR questions the first time I took the test, making what should have been my strongest section into my worst score. I felt that the first test didn't really represent what I was capable of doing, and I was sure that I was guaranteed at least a 40+ point bump if I retook it. I decided not to study at all for the second attempt (not that I studied very much for the first one), I just went in and spent a few hours taking a test without any of the pressure.</p>

<p>I admit that I was partially motivated by the chance to get a 2400, but I knew that was unlikely and I'm very happy with the way everything turned out. I might have gotten a 2400 with a lot of good luck, but that would have been a fluke.</p>

<p>Retook a 2320, got a 2400.</p>

<p>^ Niice. haha.</p>

<p>I'm quite satisfied with my 2370 :)</p>

<p>yeah i know someone that got a 800 cr/ 800 m / and 710 w. So they just worked on writing and eventually took the test again despite the 2300+. She eventually got a 770 on Writing i think, im not sure what she got on other sections for the 2nd time, but i am pretty sure it was 750+.</p>

<p>First try, no prep, 2150. Satisfied : )</p>

<p>I scored a 2310 (800 CR, 710 Math, 800 Writing) on the November test and I'm re-taking. I think a lot depends on how your scores are distributed. In my case, I think it makes sense because there was one section much worse than the other two which I know I can bring up significantly.</p>

<p>^ I agree with that exactly.</p>

<p>I'm perfectly content with my 1900. (I wouldn't mind getting another 100 pts).</p>

<p>Im perfectly happy with my score...</p>

800 Math
750 Critical Reading
780 Writing</p>

<p>I c no point in retaking, unless i wanted to ace CR, or get that 2400.</p>

<p>I retook a 2270, got 2280. Adn I'm retaking it again on Saturday. (The reason is that my math score was 110 points lower than my verbal the second time... and that doesn't look good.)</p>

<p>I have a 2350 (800 M, 800 W, 750 CR) and have contemplated retaking since CR is actually my best section, and the fact that I've taken it twice and not gotten 800 stuns me.</p>

<p>I think if your writing's 750 or +, and composite is 1500+ there is no need to retake. I got 2320 with 1530 composite.</p>

<p>Most of the ivy league admits I know scored in the 1500s on the old SAT. Now this is roughly equivalent to a score in the 2200s for the new SAT. So anything 2300+ is superb.</p>

<p>is it true that once you have 2300+ on sat, colleges consider them the same. like a person with a 2300 and 2350 equal or at the same level?</p>

<p>madamebovary-yeah i think thats true. once your above 2300 there is probably no significant distinction.</p>

<p>I'm retaking this Saturday. I got a 2300 even (800CR 700M 800W). I am elated with my overall score, but hanging out in the lower quartile at schools like MIT math-wise has me a little on edge. I had to send 4 scores anyways, and if I can up math by 50 points I get a $10,000/year scholarship at Harvey Mudd. $40,000 is the most money I think I could ever possibly make in four hours, so I decided to go for it.</p>

<p>"madamebovary-yeah i think thats true. once your above 2300 there is probably no significant distinction."</p>

<p>****, so that means because I got a 1570/2280 I should turn on some Dashboard Confessional and commence the crying and cutting.</p>