anyone sending additional materials?! (resume and stuff)

<p>i prepared to send some additional materials such as
my resume and research papers + school journals and stuff</p>

<p>and i tripped over this form : "What else would you like us to know?"</p>

<p>Would i have to use this form??
shall i just put my list of a.materials on it and use it as a cover?</p>

<p>i would appreciate any suggestions lol</p>

<p>You could...I wouldn't send research papers unless it was something really major. I did a 45 page thesis in junior year but I'm not sending of my recs is from the teacher who assigned it and I'm sure she'll go into it. The less you add, the less they'll have to read. Just tell them about it if you need to. If research is one of your passions, write a paragraph or 2 about it and attach that to the form.</p>

<p>I'm using an activities/experiences/plans sheet (about 3 pages; really organized and easy to glance over), which is sort of like a resume. That's fine..they need to know more about your ec's/interests than they give room for on the app. I still wouldn't seend a whole bunch of school work with the app, though.</p>

<p>I would say definitely put the abstracts of the papers, since those are likely to be much better worded than any paragraph or two you could just come up with on the spot. Other than that, don't include too much. I doubt they'd want a 45 page paper. If you were published, DEFINITELY mention that and where you were published (like the bibliographical information)</p>

<p>I'm sending a resume (kind of). For the activities section box on the application, I wrote "See attached," then stapled a professional sheet of my extracurriculars that detailed my activities more indepth. Nothing over kill. It's just that the boxes they gave us to write in are ridiculously small. I'm also sending in a creative writing portfolio that'll be forwarded to the writing department when they receive my application. However, I'm <em>only</em> submitting it because an admissions director who will be reading my file specifically asked that I do so.</p>

<p>Do send an activities don't have to be as <em>brilliant</em> as ivyleague2k5 to send one. They want to know about you.</p>

<p>I hope that "unless your resume happens to be as accomplished as mine" thing was a joke. Everyone who applies to Princeton is accomplished in some way, even if they didn't live in a lab throughout high school (but I can't talk...I basically lived in a studio :) ).</p>

<p>Don't send resumes. Follow directions it doesn't say thata they want a resume just fill in the blanks in the EC area. Adcom wants to see who follows directon and who doesn't. I attend an elite private prep school in Philly that sends at least 5 kids to Yale and 30 to all the Ivys combine. My GC, 34yrs worth of experience, says that don't want to see resumes, it's not a job. Just put down the most interested ones. Simple. A demain, messieurs.</p>

<p>You're right about the 'resume'...I was talking about a sheet giving more detail about major activities and experiences. Katherine Cohen, a private GC in NYC who gets paid $25,000+ by clients, has them all do what she calls 'brag sheets'. You can find the format in her book...
Plus, since I don't attend a 'normal' hs, I have to do some more explaining than most people would...</p>

<p>they dont care if u send a resume. many people do. a job resume and a college resume are completely different. if they choose to look at it then they do. if they feel they know enough from just your app then they dont. they dont care if u do or if you dont. if they dont want you to, like UPENN, they will say, please do not send or a attach a resume</p>

<p>thanks for all your comments lol</p>

<p>but what about the <em>form</em>?</p>

<p>optional form? you can use it for anything, really...though it seems to indicate that they want something written (i.e. 'a thought,' it says), not a package of hs homework...</p>


<p>100% with you on everything you said up there :)</p>

<p>in fact, all i am attaching to it is a brag sheet. UNLESS you want to major in the area which you send stuff for, don't send the extra material. adcoms after reading 1000 apps, HATES to see thick folders with pretentious stuff... if it won't rank you in the top 50 in the nation, don't send it.</p>

<p>What's the difference between a resume and a brag sheet? Maybe a resume is a bit longer and more formal, but I think both are practically the same. I'll send neither. I'll be sending an abstract of my research paper, an addendum to one of the awards I put in the app form (but there's not enough space to explain the award) and an essay. I don't think I want to trouble them further by sending my resume or brag sheet...
Think about it this way. If UPENN rejects resumes, as shrek2004 mentioned, then most probably all universities prefer not to read resumes, although they never specifically say that they reject resumes... That's only my opinion though. And if you have sterling achievements that you somehow can't put in the app form (which is weird because the online form allows us to describe the activity in up to 175 characters!), resumes may help in the end...</p>

<p>Unless it has a lot of information you could NOT get on the app itself, don't send it</p>

<p>which is weird because the online form allows us to describe the activity in up to 175 characters!</p>

<p>are you serious?? 175 words for each activity?? wow.</p>

<p>yeah, but that's not an option if you're filling it out by hand (i have to b/c i'm incorporating some art pieces into the text of the essays), and the space given is really small...</p>

<p>I believe it's 175 CHARACTERS, so not so many words, more like 30.</p>

<p>i'm definitely sending extra stuff. i'm working on a play right now, which i'm very proud of, so i'm thinking of sending 1-2 scenes plus a brief summary of the play to put them into context. </p>

<p>i can sing (musical theatre style) so i'm also thinking of sending in a tape. i don't know if that would help me so much as the writing, but i'm good enough that it defintely couldn't hurt me. </p>

<p>in case you haven't gleaned it already from my post, i'm a drama/english freak.</p>

<p>i might send a resume if i had a clearer idea of what it was....isn't there sufficient space to list your ECs on the application?</p>

<p>weirdoone (what's with the name?), i think u really should send it, they sound great.
but i personally think 175 characters (fine, it's not 175 words) is enough. i mean it'll look better if it's short and sweet, right? haha...
just checked my SAT2 scores. very happy with what i saw. then the scores disappeared (and so did my joy). was it a mistake? hope not...</p>

<p>Hey, I have written a really scholarly book on India.Do you think I should send Princeton a copy?</p>

<p>Yeah, I sent in an orchestra score and a recording of the piece. I spent a lot of time on it, so I hope they like it, heheh. Wow, we sound like a talented bunch here. But then again, these are Princeton applicants we're talking about :)</p>