Anyone signed up for an Ohio Up Close visit? What to see/do in Athens?

We are signed up for the Feb. 19th visit. We’ve never been to Ohio before…we are staying at the Ohio Univ Inn & Conf Center. Any recommendations of stuff to see or do in Athens the night before? Any restaurant recommendations?

Here are a few ideas. Old Man’s Cave is about 45 minutes or so away but if you get there early enough it’s a beautiful walk even in winter. Uptown Athens has a lot of locally owned restaurants. I’ve eaten at about half of them. I haven’t yet eaten at the higher end restaurants but I’ve enjoyed the food there. Sunday night Feb.18th could be a bit crazy since Monday is a holiday I believe. The Athena is an arts movie theater in uptown Athens. It’s pretty inexpensive. The Art museum is near where you will be staying but I believe it closes at 5 PM. They may add new events to the calendar by then so you can keep checking back. Enjoy.

Thank you @lvvcsf !

Donkey Coffee is a local landmark, right off the main drag. Great coffee, including a Buckeye Mocha. The Irish Pub, Jackie O’s is good, and the diner on the main drag (in a Gulfstream) is fun and has huge portions. Have fun! Also, definitely eat at the cafeteria once, the food selection is enormous (:

@JessicaO thank you! Food selection is very important to my kid…glad to hear the cafeteria is good!

While you’re there check out the Jefferson Marketplace. It’s not the cheapest grocery but it’s pretty neat for an on campus grocery store. It just opened up the beginning of this school year. The three dining halls are somewhat different each having different menus. You can eat at any of them regardless of the meal plan.

Thanks for the suggestions! We had a great visit and were really impressed with OU!