Anyone Signed Up for the UCLA Volunteer Day?

<p>I got the email the other day and registered right away. I think it would be a good day to meet other UCLA students and help the community.</p>

<p>Even though it's a volunteer day it's pretty much required lol I'm guessing 95%+ go</p>

<p>Are you allowed to not go? What consequences are there if you don't?</p>

<p>i didnt go to anything. never heard a peep.</p>

<p>^It started last year.</p>

Are you allowed to not go? What consequences are there if you don't?


<p>My roommate didn't go because he was sick (apparently). I'm not sure what the consequences are for skipping without a legit excuse, other than seeming like a ******. It was pretty fun anyway and a good chance to get to know the people on your floor (or house, if you're in Sunset Village).</p>

<p>There wasn't any registration last year though, so maybe it's no longer mandatory.</p>

<p>Yeah, my group went to Point Dume State Beach in Malibu....needless to say we spent more time lounging around in the sand than doing any actual work.</p>

<p>You don't have to go. There are no repercussions.</p>

<p>Lol zzzboy, fail. I will no longer put stock into any input from you. </p>

<p>Anyway, don't bother going it was kind of lame. The kids at the elementary school we went to kept shouting USC Rulez at us, cuz they don't know any better. Just try and avoid your RA because they will make the attempt to go room to room once.</p>

<p>Not required to go. No need to sign up. But you should go since you have the chance to meet and get to know floormates.</p>

<p>i never got an email :( do you know where to sign up?</p>

<p>does everyone get an email? or only freshmen?</p>

<p>Hmmm this sounds really interesting :D but I never got an email either. Hopefully it's not because UCLA's so big they left out a few people or something ... haha where do you sign up?</p>

<p>here is the link to the form you need to sign to be able to volunteer on volunteer day</p>

<p>Waiver</a> Form | UCLA Volunteer Center</p>

<p>I never got an email either... they tell you about it at Orientation. Maybe the email is just for the people not signed up for Orientation.
Anyways, I'll probably end up going, but it's nice to know that if for some reason I'm really lazy that day or I have other plans or something that it's not mandatory.</p>

<p>I went last yr, cuz i was a freshman but others stayed in their rm and avoided any consequences. However, I was disappointed because we went to a really nice school to paint their seals on the ground, and my other friend went to a private beach to pick up trash---ugh i hope ucla actually volunteers at needy places this year....</p>

<p>is this on the weekend?</p>

<p>I believe it's on a Tuesday.</p>

<li>Its on a Tuesday but classes don't start til Thursday</li>
<li>You don't have to sign up. There is no e-mail (at least I never got one last year). Basically, when you have your floor meeting, your RA tells you the details and gives you waivers to sign. I never even heard about it until that point.</li>
<li>In my opinion, the whole thing is a joke. My floor did a beach clean-up (of an already clean beach). We went to some place near Malibu, which was quite dumb for a clean-up...we could have just gone to Santa Monica which is much closer and could actually use a clean-up. And most of the people were just enjoying the view and standing near or swimming in the ocean.</li>
<li>It is a great chance to get to know your floormates though. Or at least do something instead of wasting half the day doing nothing.</li>

<p>Apparently though, one of the guys leading this (overall residential director or something) said that Obama acknowledged UCLA's volunteer day O.o</p>

<p>Kinda does seem like B.S.</p>

<p>Seems like we have to do this. There is no way out. And instead of volunteering at 8 areas, this year it's around 20. What a waste of a day.</p>