anyone still deciding between Umich and another school(s)

<p>just wondering</p>



<p>Yes...It's between JHU and Michigan. My other top choice was Cornell but I got guarenteed transfer instead (probably won't take it). -_-</p>

<p>what r u planning on majoring in, asdf?</p>

<p>No or biology maybe. :&lt;/p>

<p>cool, you should consider a biomedical engineering major at jhu, if that is what you are interested in. i hear they have an excellent program. if you want to enter other engineering disciplines, however, you might prefer michigan, since they rank high in just about all of them. good luck with your decision!</p>

<p>Nah..BME isn't really my calling, plus I didn't apply for BME so its tough to transfer. I'm completely torn between Michigan and JHU PLZ HELP~! >_<</p>

<p>Aw dude..there is no question...skip JHU. You need to enjoy SOME of your undergrad years.</p>

<p>There is NO social life at JHU...none...and they're uber-competitive and uptight (i.e guard your notebooks and textbooks well..someone WILL steal them to screw you over!!)</p>

<p>Join us at Michigan...which in many respects is a better school anyhow!!!</p>

<p>I don't really think you can base your decision on what other people tell you about the schools, you should visit both UMich and JHU...UMich wasn't even the frontrunner for me out of my three schools (Cornell, McGill and, UMich)...after visiting UMich/Ann Arbor I decided that the mix between a University atmosphere + a nice small town feel was what I needed. UMich class of '09! </p>

<p>(Getting a degree from either UMich or JHU is quite an accomplishment and I wish you the best whereever you go!)</p>

<p>Still deciding between WashU and Umich. Visiting both in the next few days.</p>

<p>Deciding between UFL and Umich. Financial concerns are my issue.....</p>

<p>Jimmy, I was exactly like you. When I was deciding universities, I had Michigan somewhere between #3 and #5 on my list of 10 acceptances! But after visiting the campuses, I fell in love with Ann Arbor. But what really did it for me was speaking to professors at other top universities and getting their take on top universities. A professor at the University of Chicago (a dear and old friend of my father's) gave me the most earnest advice of all. I keep in touch with him until this day. The decision making process is not an easy one.</p>

<p>i'm choosing between umich and UBC, any suggestions?</p>

<p>For me, UMich and Georgetown, political science/government major.</p>

<p>Mich or UVA</p>

<p>already told UVA i am going, but may give up the deposit if michigan really sounds good, so far it's got flaws and goodnesses</p>

<p>Mich or JHU</p>

<p>I choose U Mich.</p>

<p>Parents have some qualm over my decision thus far because of financial consideratio</p>

<p>iollloi, i know what you mean. I'm deciding between umich and some local california state schools and UCs, but its mostly the costs that my family and i have to consider</p>

<p>IOlllOI, how is Johns Hopkins going to cost you?</p>

<p>Basically around $13k a year.</p>

<p>I still have to figure out some stuff with Michigan's aid but at BEST I would pay $14k a year...and at worst it would be $26k a year.</p>

<p>iolllio, you have a difficult choice ahead of you. Definitely contact Michigan and tell them about your Johns Hopkins scholarship. Even send them a copy of the offer! Maybe that will motivate Michigan.</p>