Anyone still waiting to hear from Albany?

<p>Hey guys i'll start off the thread:</p>

<p>Applied: December 15th
Decision: Still Waiting
Application type: regular decision
GPA (unweighted/weighted): 83.0 // we don't weight
SAT (1060/1600) (550 Math, 510 CR, 530 W)
Rank: 200/300 (Bottom Half)
APs: APUSH 82% Class (2),
Honors: Spanish (4 Years)
State: NY (Buffalo) (in-state)
Ethnicity: White
ECs: Mentioned in my other posts.</p>

<p>Admission Status ( Check</a> My Application Status - Admissions - University at Albany-SUNY ):</p>

<p>" Your application is complete and under review. "</p>

<p>Hey! Same here, I haven't heard anything from UAlbany. I've already heard from other universities I've applied to weeks ago. They've sent me emails about my online log in info for me to check the status of my application. I'm worried because UAlbany haven't sent my any email about any log in information.</p>

<p>Same over hear! UAlbany is my safety and a lot of other people are hearing from them while I'm not :(</p>