Anyone tackling foreign language requirement?

I am junior and starting to tackle the FL requirement. The last time I took Spanish 1 was in community college in MO about four years ago. So when I transferred here last year I tried Spanish 2 and was totally not in line with what I should already had known. I guess this University goes over a lot more material than other schools all at once because it was a lot of information, yet possibly I did go over it and just forgot everything. So I tried French 1 this semester and only three or so weeks into it, I am totally lost. I have failed just about every quiz and the first exam. I just cannot grasp the hearing of French and understanding the spelling because half the constant letters are not sounded. I hate to drop it if I know I could get better but we all know how fast things move in the department and wonder if it would just be a dud to wait and I need to just drop it. Any suggestions?