Anyone took DeLong's Econ 1?


<p>I'm currently taking Econ 1 with professor DeLong and I was wondering if his midterms are going to be similar to sample midterm (the practice one) he gives out before the exam? I heard that it's going to be almost the same as the practice midterm, but could anyone tell me how similar? Anyone took DeLong's Econ 1? :( I would appreciate any inputs!</p>


<p>When I took him last year, most of his exams were just plug and chug... with maybe a twist on one or two problems. It's more of a speed test than an intelligence test.</p>

<p>if you're good on the problem sets you should be good to go on the midterm. similar to his sample midterm yes.</p>

<p>so it follows the outline of same midterm, but definitely not the same questions right? I'm not sure if I'm prepared..haha</p>

<p>i just remember there was a Q about the pre-semester readings. like he took an excerpt out of the wealth of nations and asked us to give a couple bullet points about it.</p>

<p>on the final he also did something like that where we had to write about this guest speaker who worked in obama's cabinet during the bail out and give/explain an argument either for or against it. idk, it was like 3 semesters ago. the only scar from that class that remains is the searing image of Delong putting his leg up on the table in wheeler so he was half sitting... it was very very disturbing.</p>

<p>Were the short response questions graded 'strictly' on accuracy? Or based on how we explain it? Aka if you forget some parts of the reading, was it possible to BS up and still get a good percentage of pts?</p>

<p>^ IME yes. Basically, if you've at least skimmed the reading (or skimmed reviews of the book, in newspapers or on Amazon) and can mention stuff that's not "general knowledge" and not completely wrong, you will do quite well.</p>

<p>And yes, his actual exams are very similar to the sample exams (at least from when I took the class 1.5 years ago); the same concepts with some numbers/details changing. If you know (or memorize) the solutions to the sample exam and can write fast, you will likely do well.</p>

<p>Was it like this XD?</p>

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<p>Well....he changed it around this semester because of all the complaining from us and pushing from the GSI's. GSI said we definitely have to have read the books to answer a good chunk of the midterm, and that they were pushing him to make it even more concepty -____-</p>

<p>Really...? How could they -___-! Man I need to Dasgupta down then...</p>

<p>Dude...ikr? I stopped halfway .____. BUUUUTTTT I'm on the second ch of Friedman! yeeee</p>

<p>But grade-wise I think it'll be based on your GSI. Mine is pretty chill, so I can <em>hopefully</em> bs some of it from skimming (I have to say I'm a pro at that hehe). He was talking about other econ GSI's he knew that are really picky...idk if any of the econ 1 GSIs are like that though.</p>

<p>haha does anyone have Fahd Majeed as their GSI? lol I think he's not that strict..</p>

<p>tip from GSI: be able to answer all the discussion questions</p>

<p>'m really spamming up the forum while trying to procrastinate haha</p>

<p>Are you referring to the ones he post on his website?</p>

<p>is it only me who's super worried about the midterm...?</p>

<p>why of course. you dr. phil.</p>

<p>yup, the ones on his website.</p>

<p>...and I feel like I should be worried, just because I haven't done the reading....but it's all the way on wednesday, which means I'm not really thinking about it just yet. Maybe I'll worry more on monday...or tuesday...</p>

<p>Oh jeez >_< and I thought I was already bad... man I need to get the last 3 chapters of Dasgupta... er... Not going to fall behind on reading after this mt -.-!</p>