Anyone up for chancing me quick?

<p>Hey everyone! Just looking for some chances... I'm applying to Brandeis, Brown (top choice), Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Georgetown, and University of Rochester.</p>

<p>I plan on majoring Linguistics, but I also want to take some computer science classes (I'm interested in the computational linguistics angle).</p>

<p>Here are some of my stats:</p>

<p>99.22 GPA Weighted (not sure what it is unweighted... sorry! If I figure out I'll update you all)</p>

<h1>2 out of 148 in a small public school in Pennsylvania</h1>

760 Reading
660 Math (ouch)
800 Writing
taking my SAT II's in January due to a lot of schedule conflicts (Literature, Math Level II, Spanish)</p>

<p>My schedule this year:
AP Lit
AP Bio
AP Bio Lab/Band
AP Spanish
AP Music Theory
Independent Study/Visual Basic</p>

<p>All high A's this year so far. Last year I took 2 AP's (AP Lang and APUSH) and got 5's on both.</p>

I have a lot but here are the main ones:
-Band (I'm really involved in it, I've done marching, concert, jazz, county, and pit since freshman year, made districts last year and hopefully will this year. I play soprano/alto/tenor/bari sax and flute for band, but I also play accordion, piano, clarinet, and guitar)
-Quiz Bowl since 9th, I'm a co-captain of the team
-Spanish Club since 9th, I've been the President or Secretary depending on the year
-Student Council since 9th, I've been the Treasurer and Electric Sign Programmer (this message board thing we have in the lobby) since 10th
-Newspaper since 9th, I've been a staff writer and photographer every year, last year I was Junior Editor-in-Chief and this year I'm Senior Editor-in-Chief
-Science Fair Competitions, I've gotten 1sts and a 2nd in the school competition since 9th, all 1sts at regionals since 9th, 2nds and a 1st at state competitions since 9th, and 1sts at the Capital Area Science & Engineering Fair
-Gifted Program since 9th, I've done Rosetta Stone, Career/College Exploration, JA Titan Business Simulations, Independent Projects, a Stock Market Simulation, the Career Fair, and Knowledge Master Open competitions
-County-wide Youth Arts Day, did a flute performance in 9th and will be entering photography or a painting this year as well as volunteering
-I'm the Junior Council Member for my hometown's Borough Council. I sit in on all the meetings and have the same privileges as the Council Members with the exception of voting on motions.
There are a couple more but I'll leave it at that.</p>

<p>I have about 230 hours of volunteer work, mostly with the local library and carnival, and some with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, a local fire company, a summer foreign language program for elementary schoolers, and giving lessons to younger students who play saxophone.</p>

<p>That's about it, I guess. Any chances or advice are VERY VERY WELCOME! Thank you!!!</p>

<p>In at Brandeis, CMU, and URochester. The others are a crapshoot, but real good chance at Georgetown, pretty good chance at Cornell, and a fair chance at Brown. Your GPA, rank, and ECs are solid. Your low math score could hurt you at the most selective schools, like Brown. Good luck on your SAT II's and with your college acceptances.</p>

<p>Might look at Duke and safe schools like Holy Cross and Tufts.</p>